Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I Know Why Men Marry

When men marry for life, they marry for love. This I do believe.

There is research that tells us that marriage is good for our health. We live longer due to lower blood pressure suggestiong that marriage may literally be a matter of the heart.

I think that I have found another reason why men marry.

Men may be a little lost without a partner.

Men do not have normally have the greatest fashion sense. One of Big Poppy's male cousin's still tries wears t-shirts from his high school days; he does not have the same physical build as high school. Without the better half around to help with dressing, there seems to be a misfire in the brain that says that if clothes fit good enough, wear it. Maybe men think short pants are a good idea?

Men also seem to need help with the laundry sorting. Why is it that the red napkin does not get sorted properly when Big Poppy is around?

The acceptable short pants and the pink laundry leads me to believe that while love is the strongest motivator when a man decides to marry, there may be some little items that make a man realize he should marry.

I am happy to help my man!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Rain to Sun to Rain

It is an American family tradition to go on road trips. I do not understand how there is proper family bonding when I hear of friends who have never been on a family road trip. I mean, really, where do you learn these standard lines if not on a family road trip:

"Don't make me stop the car."

"How much longer?"

"Stop hitting your brother."

"Are we there yet?"

Friday morning was a slow start. I may have not allowed sufficient time woken Big Poppy up to help me to complete all necessary tasks to be on the road by 7 am. I felt good with the 7:30 departure after I looked at the laundry completed. After seven hours on the road, with bathroom breaks, lunch and a snack attack, we reached our destination. Sunshine! It rained for most of those seven hours while on the road.

Visiting friends was great. I was so caught up in playing with the boys; Little Guy got to visit Boo (4) and Bro-Bro (1), that I failed to take many pictures. I was living in the now and now hope that I have a flawless memory. Sunday morning was especially special for me. Not only did I get to spend it with Little Guy, but also Bro-Bro woke up early to be with us. They look so peaceful!

Bro-Bro did not last long in our bed. He was ready for the morning and we watched a movie together.

I was pleased to find a jogging stroller on a trip to the grocery store (the running store was next door - side note, I went to the grocery store, running store, and gas station in less time than it takes some husbands to get coffee, you know who are Travie). We took the stroller for a test walk with the boys. (Side note 2 - for any newly 'with child' out there, you know who you are... :) get this one!)

Sunday afternoon was not a good time for Little Guy. He was a very unhappy camper and a bit anti-social. Little Guy and I spent most of our time in basement. He has never cried like this before but with good reason. The poor thing had some problems going to the bathroom. He seemed pretty good on the way home on Monday.

Little Guy is looking at something with so much concentration that it got me wondering what it was that engrossed him.
I snapped this from Little Guy's view point. I'm still wondering what has him so engrossed...
At least Little Guy seems relaxed with Big Poppy at the wheel. Or maybe he is just enjoying me re-reading New Moon to him (he liked my voice and I can sing for only so long).

We made it home safely. GrandB and GrandC missed out. We waited for quite a while at their place when we picked up Jeter. Next time. And, joy of all joy's, Little Guy worked some of his bathroom problems out. Big Poppy and I have never been so pleased to see a dirty diaper.

This morning, well it's much of the same. The sunshine is gone (do I live in Forks now or does it just feel like it). The thunder startled Little Guy and Jeter. Do you know what that means?

I'm left out of the bed.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Day Has Come

Today is it. I'm up to date. It will be real time posts going forward. Did you think that the day would never come?

This was taken today.

It wasn't that long ago and Little Guy was much smaller next to Jeter.

Now days, Little Guy and Jeter just lounge around watching a game or making fun at all the goofy things that Big Poppy and I do.

But some things stay the same between the two boys. Jeter cannot help but show Little Guy how much he loves him.

What will tomorrow bring? Road trip.

Double the Fun

August 19

Big Poppy tried to help me this morning. When the alarm went off, he gave me a quick kick in his efforts to help me overcome my snooze button addiction.

I politely told him “NO, it’s raining.” I guess we both forgot about the treadmill.

The snooze button may have won today but I will prevail.

Today is Little Guy’s 3-month birthday! It was a day packed full.

Lunch with RCJ (little MAK’s mom) and JGR (turned me on to Twilight). Little Guy slept through 95% of our time together. After lunch, I wanted to take Little Guy for some photo but they could not take us until 2 pm. No problem, we will just run across the street to Pottery Barn for the shelves above the desk in Little Guy’s room.

When we returned for photo’s it looked like this out.

We sat in the car for 20 minutes (good thing we were early coming back) waiting for the rain to let up. I can only imagine how I looked, running with Little Guy in his car seat, covered up with a blanket, with my purse, diaper bag and a couple stuffed animals that I wanted in some pictures.

There was a mirror and I saw that I did indeed look beautiful. I looked like I stepped into my morning shower fully clothed. Thankfully, Little Guy was completely dry.

Little Guy giggled away while the pictures were taken. He is ever the cutey and the pictures will support my claim. I can pick the pictures up on August 31…

Traffic driving back home was slow moving. Why is it the rain and snow make everyone ride their brakes? Little Guy and I were in a hurry to get back home. My DC Gal is in town and is coming over for supper. It would have been nice to clean up the mail from the kitchen and receipts from the dining room table before she arrived. It did not happen. DC Gal saw my home in its “lived in” state.

For Little Guy’s 3-month birthday, Big Poppy baked a few cookies for us. Imagine warm, chocolate chip cookies fresh from the oven after feasting on fish tacos AND catching up with DC Gal AND Little Guy is 3-months old. Big Poppy and I are ever grateful for the life we have.

I Like to Hit Snooze

August 16

I found this the other day while I was thinking about my dear friend and former college roommate who taught me the art of hitting the snooze button.

"In a dark room, in a deep dream, your early morning alarm clock buzzing you awake can be quite disarming, but you probably shouldn't press the snooze button. Those extra nine, 18, or 27 minutes of sleep, depending on how many times your press the snooze button, are not going to help you dig yourself out of a sleep deficit. Those extra minutes of sleep are fragmented and in no way deep so they don't provide the rest you need. Rather than relying "snooze button sleep," try getting to bed earlier to catch some extra shut-eye."

The snooze button became my good friend after a couple years of asking her why she just would not set the alarm for 20 minutes later. I have normally been a morning person, at least compared to my friends, but trying to switch my workout to before work instead of after work has not been going well. It has been so poor that the workouts stopped and that makes for a cranky Happy Mom.

By some blessing, on this fine morning, I did not hit snooze. For those of you who have not checked the calendar, it's Sunday, I did not have the early alarm set, therefore I will not be patting myself on the back.

Big Poppy and Little Guy were soundly sleeping. Jeter looked at me, indicated he would like to go outside then promptly returned to bed. I laced up the shoes, turned on the i-pod and set out for my lake run. It was glorious. The air was warm but not hot, there was humidity which I love for my joints. I returned home as the household was waking up. Perfection.

Now if only I could repeat perfection a few more days a week for a couple months to retrain my body on the time to get up. Instead, I think of the my dear friend and my snooze button and think, tomorrow. My dirty little secret is now widely known. I want to get up earlier and do what I tell others not to do. I like to hit snooze. I am going to break this habit.

I know the snooze is ridiculous. If I have the mental ability to be in the habit of recognizing that I can get a substandard workout in with three slaps of snooze or if I go to five slaps I can just skip the workout, then I should be able to to get up with the first one.

It's time. NO MORE SNOOZE for Happy mind knows this is the right thing to do but it still roars a big fat:



No matter, its time to drag myself out of the bed and remember the feeling of this morning.

Horse Bets, Older Girls and looking for Bobby Jones

August 13

Have you ever wondered how my co-workers and I keep our language so clean between January 1 to April 15? Increased stress levels can lead to naughty words slipping out. To help keep the language clean we have “The Cuss Cup”.

The rules are normally straightforward. Most naughty words cost you a quarter. If the F one comes out, it will cost you 50 cents. On the days you roll out of bed and just know that today is going to be a bad day, a mere $5 you get an exception. I say the rules are normally straightforward because there is some debate on how to define naughty words. Apparently, there are some words that would have meant ivory soap in my mouth as a child that might not be a naughty word for one person but it would be a naughty word to someone else. The different rules for different “Cuss Cup” participants are part of the fun and I am digressing.

You may be surprised on how we use the proceeds of “The Cuss Cup” funds. We go to the horse track. Picture a bunch of CPA’s looking at the odds, debating how to bet the trifecta and then going to the window to place the $2 minimum bet. What wild risk takers we are! We have a fun evening of betting, eating and enjoying each other.

This year, Little Guy came along. He did not bring any winning luck nor did he pick any winners but he did learn some good math skills on odds, ratios and payouts. When Little Guy starts running numbers in kindergarten, I know exactly which partner to bail him out of jail.

Little Guy was not alone in his inaugural “Cuss Cup” horse betting event. My co-worker RCJ also decided to increase the chances of a gambling addiction in her little girl by bringing her to the track too. Now, little MAK is an older girl. I mean, she was soooo born in 2008. Little Guy was a bit shy around her at first (look at how well MAK poses for the camera).

However, it did not take Little Guy long to decide to reach out and touch MAK and that seemed to concern her – maybe because her daddy was right there watching very closely to Little Guy's moves.

During all the fun at the horse track Big Poppy was out searching for the next Bobby Jones. For the day, Big Poppy joined the PGA. OK, he was actually watching the PGA, in person. Big Poppy was walking the same 18 holes as Tiger Woods. I think it would be great if Big Poppy could walk and play the same 18 holes as Tiger. I could handle Big Poppy coming in second at a few of those tournaments.

Hmmm, maybe I should perfect my driving and then he could be happy with me coming in second in a few LPGA tournaments. I now have weekend plans.

Anyone Got A Smile?

August 12

Big Poppy and I are happy people. We use to have poker faces but we are definitely smiley faces now. What is spectacular is that Little Guy is a smiley face too. His entire face lights up when you see him the morning, especially after his breakfast. If you go out of the room for a minute and come back in, Little Guy smiles again. Big Poppy makes a funny face, Little Guy smiles.

Little Guy is also a talker. I am going to chalk that up to the reading out loud (not all books). Little Guy loves to tell stories and quite frankly, in my family that is going to come in handy - you have to know how to catch the biggest fish in my family.

Most of the time, Little Guy is quite the little talker and smiler.

Little Guy is telling Big Poppy how he is going to be the greatest hockey player ever here. (There are days when Little Guy says he will be the best baseball player, golfer or CPA. Currently he is keeping his options open.)

After Little Guy finished describing his hat trick to win the Stanley Cup in game 7, he just sat back and grinned about how great that moment is going to be.

As you can see, when I mentioned to Little Guy that he needed to stay in school and not turn pro too early in his life he let me know what he thought of my opinion.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A Room of His Own

August 10

Little Guy's room is almost complete. Big Poppy and I just need to hang some items on the walls to give it a more homey feeling and then...well I guess we will start to use the monitor that is charging.

It seems like it is time for Little Guy to move into his own room. He is sleeping through the night. The books tell you that sleeping patterns developed now will help in the future...but it doesn't mean it makes all that ready to do the happy dance.

While we know it's the right thing to do it doesn't make the transition from the cradle in our room to a crib in Little Guy's room any easier. While he doesn't say much, the fact that Big Poppy has not hooked up the camera for the video feed on our monitor (a must have for me - I got spoiled while EB and family were staying with us) tells me know that Big Poppy isn't quite ready for the big change either.

We are going on a road trip this weekend (August 22). I venture to guess when we return the monitor will be hooked up for real. The transition will begin. While I so enjoy watching Little Guy getting so big, there are times when it is a little sad.

Little Guy's room is all boy. I know some friends were not so impressed with the color change of the room from greens to blue and brown. Here are some sneak peeks to the work we Big Poppy has done. Well, maybe I can get some credit on this one even though I did not do too much of the work. I was the designer. I normally get my hands involved in all aspects of the remodel, but this time I kept my hands on Little Guy while Big Poppy did all the major lifting.

This will be Little Guy's bed in his new room.

Little Guy's crib needs bedding. I know, not very exciting but I figured he could grow with this bedding and the wall decor could change from baby to toddle.

Big Poppy did a very nice job installing a decorate ledge around most of the room. The ledge will be perfect to some of Little Guy's prize possessions.

Big Poppy even did a nice job with the corners and ends of the decorative ledge. I guess all the griping I did on the molding on our kitchen cabinets paid off. :)

Monday, August 17, 2009

Did she just swing and miss?

NOTE: I have not run away to another book. I was being a responsible adult and completing the thank you's for all the loving people in our lives.

August 7

Big Poppy played baseball for most of his life. He was even a student-athlete in college (short-stop or second base most of the time). This should let you know that he has wonderful hand-eye coordination when it comes to a bat and a ball.

I did not play baseball growing up...nor did I play softball. My hometown did not offer softball for girls (or else my family did not tell me about it). I grew up playing basketball. I have wonderful hand-eye coordination when it comes to a hoop and a ball. I'm fairly certain that I could school my high school age cousin in basketball tomorrow. When she comes to visit in a few weeks, we may have to have a friendly little game.

When I play softball, I do so for fun with friends. I lay it out there that I am not going to be a star. I am perfectly comfortable playing with the bunnies in right field. I won't throw my bat and hit anyone. As long as everyone knows my skill level and is comfortable, I know how to jog out to right field every inning and pretend to know what I'm doing.

Big Poppy and I had been playing on a co-ed team. Since Little Guy was so little and we had to get things ready for him at home, we became subs. My luck (and yes, it is good luck this time) most weeks the team needed a female sub. Big Poppy would drive our little family to the field. He would remind me to wear my football shoes (I embarrassed him by putting on tennis shoes). Little Guy and Big Poppy would cheer on the team and me for just under an hour.

I loved it! I'm use to the softball/baseball fields being "owned" by Big Poppy. I did a fabulous job of running out to right field. I can remember my place in the line up. I can get very, very nervous when it's actually time for me to bat.

This Friday night, August 7, I did the unthinkable in softball. Well, really I did two unthinkables. Instead of swinging at bad pitches I let them go astray and took a walk. Really, it was safer than me trying to step out of the batters box and hit the ball. Later on...brace yourself...I swung and missed the ball, completely.

Now that was shameful even to me. I heard the captain shout that "It's ok. Little Guy didn't see you do that."

On the ride home I made Big Poppy promise to take me out to the fields in our back yard (we live on a park) for a little BP. I do not want to shame myself ever again. I do not want Little Guy to ever know that his mommy could swing and miss, in slow pitch, low-rec, high-fun, co-ed league. It would be hard for Little Guy to respect me.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Most Powerful Chessman

If beginnings are tricky, endings have countless difficulties. At the beginning readers have no expectations but by the end everyone seems to have an opinion on how they would have finished the book if they were writing it. Thankfully Stephenie Meyer was writing the ending so the resulting story is a good one and in my opinion a fitting end to this fantastic series.

Breaking Dawn is a different novel to Twilight (and New Moon) and some readers may be disappointed by this but I’m not one of them. I don’t want to keep buying the same story over and over again just with a different title and cover picture – I enjoy seeing the development of the characters as well as seeing the development of the author’s writing. Breaking Dawn is more like Eclipse, Edward and Bella are sure of each other but outside forces may tear them apart as the story reaches its climax.

The only small gripe I have about this novel is that in wrapping up the story every loose end has been neatly tied into a pretty bow - sometimes it’s good to leave something dangling in the breeze! I have to admit that I did not stay up all night reading this book. This was a choice I made to let the story last longer.

The best part? Today I received a phone call from my cousin Syd. She picked up the first book in the Twilight series today. I can hardly wait to have someone to talk to about how great this book is!


A Night of Firsts

July 27

Guess what happened on this night?

It was a night of uninterrupted sleep.

Yes, I wrote that correctly.

A night with no interruptions in the REM sleep. A night where your dreams floated through your head. A night when you wake up in the morning in a panic because 1) you are a terrible mom who didn’t hear her boy wake up in the middle of the night 2) you need to quickly check on Little Guy because he must not be breathing and 3) you wonder how little Big Poppy is going to think of you for not hearing our boy in the middle of the night.

After a quick check on Little Guy’s breathing, seriously, I did that, and armed with the knowledge that Little Guy did indeed sleep through the night, I let out a huge sigh of relief. I don’t need to worry about any Mommie Dearest books [yet].

Big Poppy and I wistfully hoped that this was the beginning of a new stage for Little Guy. Neither one of us held our breath (and it’s a good thing otherwise we would have had to hold it for a LONG time) that this is the new normal. It did remind me how quickly things change – for all of us.

Jeter sleeps in our room. The first few nights back home were normal sleep nights for Jeter. However, about a week after we returned home, Big Poppy and I noticed something interesting about Jeter. Whenever Little Guy woke up in the middle of the night, Jeter would slowly trudge over to his kennel and go back to sleep. Now this is interesting because Jeter never sleeps in his kennel. He is always on the floor next to our bed.

It got me to thinking that has much as Jeter likes having Little Guy as a new buddy, it must be a little disrupting for him. Here’s a dog that is use to sleeping all through the night – that changed quickly. Jeter is also use to napping during the day. Now we are home during the day and Jeter does not get the sleep he normally gets in a day. Both the night and day sleep patterns have been interrupted. Poor Jeter, he gets the shaft.

Well, don’t feel too sorry for Jeter. He quickly adjusted and now will nap during the day. I feel a little guilty because he heads to the closet to nap. I guess we all just need to get away now and again. It’s just too bad that Jeter’s “get away” is a closet. (Jeter is also back to sleeping on the floor and doesn’t even flinch if Little Guy gets up during the night.)

Also note worthy, at the time I posted this, Little Guy has had a few more nights of sleeping through the night. Last night was not one of those nights, but I do believe we are on a way to a more and more sleeping through the nights. Yeah us!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Red Ribbon

Little Guy is taking a mid-morning nap so it has given me a moment to share quickly.

Chances are you have figured out that I have completed the four books in the Twilight series and that this post is going to be about Eclipse. You have probably also figured out that I am addicted to the books and I may have an unhealthy relationship with the books - but hey, admitting is the problem is half the solution, right?

Eclipse offered up another consuming read that kept me up well past a respectible hour. My flashlight probably needs some new batteries for the time when I actually need the flashlight. We may have a power outage, it has been known to happen from time to time when the great winds blow.

One of the best parts of this book is the insight we gain on Edward and Jacob. Since the books are (mostly) written from Bella's perspective, we do not get a complete glimps into other characters minds. The pivotal point for me was the "dream" Bella had of Edward and Jacob sharing to one another. Another great aspect, in my mind, of this book, you really should have read Twilight and New Moon because Stephenie Meyer does not waste time letting you know what has happened in the previous books (a pet peeve of mine is reading about something I have already read about).

As a sane, rational female (unhealthy relationships with books not withstanding) I was midly disturbed how Bella allowed the boys to control some aspects of her life. I wanted to shake her a bit and make sure my young family and friends know better than to think this was how love was shown. Then I remembered it was a book and I probably don't have to remind others of that even though I apparantly need to remind myself. :)

And the best line ever comes from this book, and I may be a bit bias, but it still makes me smile. It could be because Edward Cullen stole a line from something Big Poppy told me years ago.

"I prefere brunettes."

Have I convinced you to start reading the books yet? Get on it please.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Animal Farm

Setting: Big Poppy’s Castel

Time: July 25 - before Big Poppy likes to be awake on a Saturday

Event: Text message

Outcome: A day home at home cleaning, preparing bedrooms, and writing thank you notes are long forgotten

This fine Saturday morning I was up and going about my morning like I normally do. You know, running 5 miles, feeding Jeter, preparing the daily meals for the family…or maybe it was more like, reading, playing on the internet, and starting to wake up Big Poppy because I was bored of being up by myself for too long now and there was no way I was going to wake up Little Guy, growing boys need their sleep! Imagine my glee when I received a text message before 7:30 am. Ah, someone really knows me and loves me. Even better, it was my sister-in-law, AuntT (I’m still trying to find the perfect descriptions – I’m not in love with EB either, it just doesn’t fit but until then…).

After some quick back and forth’s it was decided to meet up that afternoon for a trip to the smaller zoo in town. Yeah! An afternoon with Uncle Park-it, AuntT and EB AND I get to tell Big Poppy it’s time to get up so we can get some things done without being a total monster.

What does a little boy wear to his first zoo outing?

Well a shirt with an animal and a clear definition of his birth date in case someone wants’ to know but is too shy to ask.

What does a little boy do to help keep the sun out of his eyes?

Well he wears his sunglasses because he is “that cool”.

What does a little boy do when others are riding the train?

Well its nap time obviously, he cannot be bothered with trivial things like a train.

What does a little boy do when the day is coming to an end?

Well, it’s time for another nap silly.

Little Guy had a great time, as did Big Poppy and myself. I sure hope we get some last minute plans in the future that is this much fun.

Ruffled Tulip

Are you getting the picture that I think these are worth while reads? Go ahead, take the plunge into a type of book that can be your guilty pleasure.

New Moon is the second in the Twilight series. The story of Bella and Edward continues and we are left feeling the heart ache Bella feels when Edward leaves her. This book works well enough alone but I think that you will get a better understanding of the story and maximum enjoyment from reading it if have read Twilight first.

If you expect New Moon to be the same as Twilight you will be disappointed. Twilight has an almost dreamy, fairytale quality. The pain that Bella feels when Edward abandons her is extremely well written and really what this story (New Moon) is about. Most of the things that happen to Bella in New Moon are a result of the overwhelming loss that she is trying to bear.

New Moon is about the downward spiral into depression. I stayed up until the early hours of the morning reading this book too because I was caught up in the story and couldn't stop reading. We can all sympathize with the first heart break we have. This book will bring you right back to that time (and hopefully a bit further than what was real for you, otherwise, my heart still aches for the loss you felt). If you cannot feel the sadness throughout most of this book, perhaps you should get your pulsed checked. When the depression begins to fade in this book, the story picks up. My friends and co-workers can probably tell you when the depression begins to fade. I know longer was telling them "that Edward is just making me so sad."

To all the young at heart readers, keep in mind that this is a book for the young. Try to go back to the time you were dumped for the first time. Did you just shake it off or did you go home and have yourself a good cry? Mom's out there with young girls. Read this (actually the entire series) with your daughters (age appropriate of course). Just a little something to bond over.
This book has probably greatly confused Little Guy. He would just sit and look at me and let me know his thoughts from time to time. All I can hope is all the words he has learned will help him in the future.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Those are some big tears

July 22

Little Guy had his two month appointment. He is a healthy and strong little boy. Well, little may be a relative term. Big Poppy and I are continuing to pump iron as Little Guy continues to grow and grow and grow. The doc says we are still doing what we are suppose to be doing and not to change a thing. It's good to hear the reassurance but really, if you take a look at Little Guy you can see that he is happy and healthy. I was not concerned about Little Guy's health at on on this day.

The Vitals at Two Months:
Height: 23 1/2" (75 percentile)
Weight: 13 lbs 8 oz (75 percentile)
Head Size: 39.5 cm (50 percentile)

(Click here to see the vitals at one month or click here to see them at birth.)

NOTE: Anyone that thinks Little Guy is too big when it comes to his weight, look at his height, he should weigh a little more. Big Poppy and I feed him when he's hungry and more than once Little Guy has not finished eating because he was full. That's the beauty of a baby, they actually stop eating when full. Now if only I could say the same when there a plate full of yummy in front of me!

This was also the appointment with a lot of immunizations going on. Little Guy was a trooper. I, on the other hand, do not like it when I see tears...EVER. I mean, why haven't they figured out a way that doesn't involve shots yet. After all was said and done, I took a quick picture of Little Guy. You cannot see the tears but know they were there. It's a good thing that Big Poppy was there with us. I might not have been so strong without the potential ribbing later if I lost it too.

Someone was not happy about the multiple shots to the leg.

Little Guy was great all day. We were warned that some babies run a little fever or are fussy all day after immunizations. Little Guy decided the best way to handle the morning trauma was to nap most of the day away. He woke for food and diaper changes and not much else.

The next day, Little Guy was as chipper as always. We even started getting him use to sunglasses (ok, that was all me but he looks so darn cute, I couldn't help myself).

Life is good again.

Little Guy likes to wear his shades because he is "that cool".

Big Poppy was not a fan of this look but I think it gives Little Guy a certain "I'm fun, I'm cool, you only wish you could be my friend" look. Of course, Little Guy is friends with everyone. It's just a look.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

It's my party...

Part II

July 18

...and I'll sleep if I want to. At Little Guy's next big event, he was very laid back. So laid back in fact that he slept most of the afternoon.

Despite the sleepy boy we had another fantastic time. Our great friends Steffey and Mack hosted a bar-b-que in Little Guy's honor. This was especially fun because it was not limited to females only. Big Poppy's friends and their families were also in attendance. I had dear girlfriends from college that I had not seen in five years that made the trek to meet Little Guy.

All the food was baby size. Think mini-burgers, mini-desserts and alphabet salad...a person could have easily eaten 6 mini-burgers without blinking an eye. I took my share of the food from the German Chocolate mini-cakes. YUMMY!

You will just have to trust me that we had a great time. We have some of the greatest friends in the world, even if at times it may seem like time and distance has been too vast, they always come through for the important things in our lives. I hope that Little Guy makes some friends as special (in a good way) as ours.

I'll post a couple pictures when I get the disk from Mack.

It's my party...

Part III

July 21

"The Final Event"

All great triologies must come to an end and the welcoming Little Guy to our family and friends with a special party just for him must come to an end too.

The ladies at my office had a party for Little Guy. There was much love and some, umm, interesting games. If you ever want to be turned off from candy bars, just play the poopy diaper game. It will be a little while before I am ready to eat a candy bar again. Smelling diapers that have the warm chocolate and carmel smell lingering in the air, that is just too much for the brain to understand.

Little Guy may already have a girlfriend.

One of my co-workers had her little girl the day after Little Guy. She has the cutest little nose and I think Little Guy noticed. I'm probably going to have to make sure Little Guy isn't sneaking out of his crib at night to go visit her.

Take a look for yourself. Don't they look sweet together?

Birth dates are May 20 and May 19, respectively.

And they both seem to know where the camera is and to look right into it.

I Never Sleep

There is a reason more than 10 million Twilight series books are in print. Twilight, the first in the series is an addictive story, a love story actually, but not in a conventional sense. This is the type of book you might read in just a few sittings, or in my case, laying in bed with the flashlight on my chest so I do not disturb Big Poppy or Little Guy while I'm reading until well after 2 am (my alarm starts sounding at 4:30 am). I became engrossed in its fantasy world. It's not the next great thing in literature, but it is a fun book that stretches your imagination.

About a year ago one of my girlfriends started talking about the Twilight series. I thought she was a bit off her rocker. I mean why would I want to read about vampires? I didn't have a clue what the books were about nor was I going to waste my time reading them. I should have trusted JGR's judgement, after all she was the one who also convinced me to read the Harry Potter books by J.K Rowling. However, it wasn't until a night with some old college girlfriends when they discussed the books for quite a while that I decided to take the plunge into Twilight.

I'm hooked. I don't sleep at night because the story in so entrancing. I find myself, a grown, rational woman, wondering how much I could get done in the day if I truely never slept and could move lightening fast. Edward is a young girls dream, though most would not admit this, since he is well-mannered, striking, the ultimate bad boy (the sense of danger) but still a gentle guy and only has eyes for Bella.

Little Guy is read to often from the books. I do worry that a vampire series will do damage to him (not really but you never know) but from watching Three Men and Baby years ago, I learned that it doesn't matter what you read to a baby, it's all in the tone of your voice.

It's time for you to go out and get your forbidden fruit and read Twilight. This first book will capture your imagination, even if you are not into vampires. The book is not about vampires, it is just an aspect of the book, it's a book that encapsulates those first feelings of teenage love and the anticipation and heart ache it brings. Although it has a fresh look at the vampire aspect. I loved the reason vampires cannot be in sunlight.

You'd be mistaken if you thought this book was just for teens. Stephenie Meyer speaks to all those girls that in the moment, going through the emotions of their first love. As a rational 30ish female, you can go back and relive those feelings. All in all, Twilight is an immensely enjoyable fantasy, and captures the feeling of first love perfectly and tangibly.

Little Guy's Photo Shoot

You may recall that we had some picture's taken of Little Guy on June 22. Here is a slideshow of some of those photo's.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Happy Birthday Dear...

July 12

This has been quite a weekend. Friends and family from all over the United States made the trip to visit. Sunday was another special day for our family. Our favorite niece, EB, turned 3. The birthday celebration was full of fun, love and of course, cake.

There were plenty of presents for the birthday girl.

So many that it was difficult to decide where to start.

Our nephew, Big T (T is for trouble, I think he may be a silent trouble maker - he'll be the one that starts something but then disappears and Little Guy gets the blame), may have been disappointed that the presents were not for him.

Big Poppy and his little brothers (Uncle Park-it with EB, Uncle Chips with Big T, Big Poppy with Little Guy) smiled brightly with their kids.

GrandB and GrandC even got in on the action.

The bond between these counsins will last forever.

And the beginnings of love is shown here.

But Big T and EB don't know the strength of their hugs.

So Little Guy had to go see Big Poppy so Big T and EB could finish showing each other love.
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