Wednesday, March 31, 2010

F-A-M-I-L-Y Vacation

Have you ever been on a family vacation?

I mean a F-A-M-I-L-Y vacation which includes in-laws, nieces, nephews, crazy Uncle Tom and the pet hamster.

In my mind, the idea of family vacation creates visions of laughter, memories and all around good times. My ideals of a family vacation normally exceed what actually happens. We may even appear more like the Griswold’s on their way to Wally World or the Hillbillies meet Manhattan than the semi-sane family we actually are.

As a result, I am preparing for the upcoming family vacation with some trepidation. I know, in all likelihood, my concerns are strictly a result of my lack of control in the planning process. I know when we are leaving, when we are coming home and where we are staying. Anything else, I’m clueless. The question of what our plan is met with we don’t have a plan or it hasn’t been discussed. Not exactly reassuring. When there are four couples kids involved, it’s normally a good idea to have a plan.

I like to know where we are planning on going each day. There is no rule we cannot change our plans but my past experience tells me not having a fully communicated vacation plan leads to no good. You end up with eight adults with their own idea of what we are going to do. That is further broken down into the couples where one party, normally the husband, is doing their best to keep the wife happy (because if momma ain’t happy, no body is happy is a very true saying). The couples may end up doing their own thing, because each had their own idea of what a family vacation entails. And then, my entire vision of a family vacation falls apart.

But maybe, just maybe, because I am currently going into our upcoming family vacation with some uneasiness, it means this is going to be the family vacation that lives up to my ideals.

If not, if you see this in mid-April, you know you’ve ran into my family.

Monday, March 29, 2010


We have a vacation coming up after April 15th. Happy Mom and I thought it would be best to introduce Little Guy to a pool before we left. We do not want the pool to be a culture shock or a scary place to be - he loves baths but you never know what all that wide open water would do to Little Guy. So, we took Little Guy to an indoor pool, complete with a large water slide and another small one for little tikes.

When we got into the water, Little Guy wasn't scared, however he was a little nervous at all the noise and comotion from kids playing in the water. It probably took about five minutes or so, then he figured out that slapping both hands onto the water was really fun!! REALLY fun.

Little Guy was a natural in the water, especially when I helped him down the little slide. Happy Mom got the best view, as when he went down, with me holding him of course, his mouth would open wide with exitement!! :)

I think Little Guy is going to enjoy his first family vacation.

Now it would only be great if we were going here on April 16th. I guess that will have to wait until this winter. Maybe Aunt Stephey and her family will come along.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Some Clean Up Good

Some guys clean up good.

Some clean up real good.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Long time, no talk

Hello there. Remember me.

The past week has flown by. I would ask Big Poppy if he had time to fit in a post. He would laugh. Big Poppy would ask if I had time. I would laugh.

We were busy playing, working and preparing. We had weekend house guest. My Grandpa, favorite aunt and her family came up for a visit. There were rooms to clean. Laundry to do and food to prepare. All the rooms did not get clean but not to worry. We had a grand time. (A completely spotless house would be a sure sign I was avoiding something even less fun than picking up the office.)

Now I'm trying to catch up from the work I missed. Spend time with Big Poppy and Little Guy. I'll give some updates of the weekend a few times this week. But here are some pictures from the weekend.

Little Guy is quite a special boy. He loves being the center of attention.

Clapping is his new favorite item when he is sitting nicely - unless he is eating, then his favorite action is blowing bubbles, which can create a mess.

GrandC and Little Guy both busted out the ties this weekend. I'm not sure what got into GrandC. I can probably count on one hand how many times I've seen a tie on him. Little Guy on the other hand likes to be a dashing young man.

Jeter and FavoriteNiece were not to be out done by Little Guy. They are both ready to steal the show and look good, even when caught on camera without a smile.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Big Poppy's Barbershop

In case anyone was wondering, yes we planned on giving Little Guy a haircut, but not until hockey season is over. Although the NHL season is going on, we consider the hockey season over since our favorite college hockey team is officially done playing. :(

Thus, Little Guy can get his haircut. Unfortunately, I used poor judgement in when this should be done and how much should be cut. Let's just say there was no "Happy" in Happy Mom, when she got home from work to find Little Guy's ears were lowered.

I take full responsibility for butchering Little Guy's hair. I learned a valuable lesson in giving haircuts and that is, do not attempt without consulting your better half, and after seeing the results, I'm not so sure I should be the one doing the cutting in the future. Little Guy did manage a partial smile for me, but probably because he wasn't looking into a mirror.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Don't touch my food!

Happy Mom and I figured it was about time Little Guy try something new to eat, so I made him an avocado and cream cheese spread, at the recommendation of Happy Mom. If you're interested, the recipe is quick and easy.

Scrape the insides of a ripe avocado and mash with a fork in a bowl; add 1/3 cup of cream cheese and mix together; spread the mixture onto a slice of bread and enjoy! It is recommended to cut into pieces, after putting the spread on, if giving to a little one.

Little Guy accepted the challenge to feed himself. When I asked if he wanted my help, cause you know he's kinda missing his mouth, I got this look:

If you touch my food I'm gonna hurt you!
Okay, okay you do it yourself Little Guy:

Haha, I like how it feels on my skin. Who needs to pay for a facial when you can do it yourself? :)

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Bad Hair Day

While some of might may classify this look as a "bad hair day," Little Guy would like you to know he thinks of it more as a "wild hair day." He likes the look so much that he just might start a new trend. Although, it wouldn't be that new. Shhhhh don't tell Little Guy. :)

I bring it up all the time to Happy Mom when we're watching a tv show and an actor has an unconventional hairdo. I say, "He looks like he just rolled out of bed, got dressed, and then off to the tv set. Must be rough." You'd think the least they could do is at least look presentable. Then again, some of us, aka Little Guy, can pull the look off, so why can't others.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

I'm beginning to understand

A few months back my favorite aunt (pronounced ant in my world) told me I was going to have trouble as Little Guy got older. After looking at her quizically she further explained, with Little Guy's cute face, adorable smile and awesome personality, when he does get into trouble she thought I would have a tough time with the discipline. Of course I laughed at her and told her if she thought I was that much of a softy she should have a talk with a few of my staff or co-workers.

Well, it might be time to eat my words. On the rare moments Little Guy causes trouble, Big Poppy and I normally stop the behavior AFTER we laugh and find it endearing. During his six month ... oh my - I mean nine month, I'm losing it here ... I made mention of Piss and Vinegar. I rather enjoy seeing what those two characters can come up with, as long as it's safe.

So, I'm beginning to understand why my favorite aunt thinks I'm going to have trouble. She might be right. But really, how can you deny this little one anything?

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Mean Mommy

Little Guy was recently introduced to these:
Click to link - no there is no money involved.
He is a big fan. There are lots "hmmm" and "yummm" and other sounds of happiness while Little Guy is enjoy some puffs. The other night Happy Mom went to put the food away. Little Guy started crying. He was very unhappy with Happy Mom's actions.

What does Happy Mom do when she realized what was causing Little Guy grief?

It became a game to her.

Show Little Guy the puffs, see a happy boy:


Take the puffs, see an unhappy boy and a giggling mommy.

Then repeat the above actions.

I love my wife but I need to put her in time-out. That's just mean to torture Little Guy and find it funny.

** Special Note by Happy Mom on Wednesday morning: The pictures taken above were done while I was out of the house. Who's the big meany now!?! **

Monday, March 1, 2010

Puppy Dog Tails

Little Guy has a new little boy to play in the dirt with this summer.

Mack and MackDaddy welcomed into the world early last night (4:59 pm), a little (and I mean little, 4 lbs, 9 oz, 18 1/2 inches) baby boy. I was thinking he would be called BabyMack but AuntStephie thought of and I likey alot, Mackadoddle.

I'm so stinking happy for them!
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