Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The beginnings

Our little guy was born on May 19, 2009. We got the best call ever on May 28. After a few missed calls to both Big Poppy and my phones, the call came to Big Poppy’s dad (here on out known as GrandC) who promptly turn the phone over to me. We were at Big Poppy’s Thursday night men’s softball league. While I’m done at the other end of the field I can see GrandC talking to the other fans in the stand. I knew what was being said and a little nervous, sometimes these things don’t work out and I was waiting for the other shoe to drop.

The Vital's:
Height: 18.5"
Weight: 6 lbs 4 oz

The only shoe that dropped was the shoe telling me that the little boy was about 10 days old and the b-mom only wanted us. I admit that when I heard what the adoption agency was telling me, I was in disbelief. It sounded too good to be true. About the time the agency and I finished talking Big Poppy’s game was over. GrandC was over the moon for us and at first was upset that I asked him not to say anything to GrandB (Big Poppy’s mom). It wasn’t until I suggested that maybe GrandB would like to hear the wonderful news from Big Poppy did the tide turn.

On our way home from the softball game both Big Poppy and I spoke with the agency. We kept hearing the little boy was about 10 days old and the most beautiful baby. By the time we got home there was a picture waiting for us. The agency did not lie (check out the first seen photo in Introductions).

After some quick calls to make travel arrangements and working hard to clear off our desks at work, May 29 came to an end and we were off to meet the little guy that stole our heart with the first little picture. Little Guy was now 10 days old and we could hardly wait for the next day. On May 30, the b-mom along with her mom and aunt brought the greatest gift ever into our lives.

Big Poppy and Little Guy's First Picture

Happy Mom and Little Guy

Proud Big Poppy talking but unable to take his eyes away.

Peaking eyes.

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