Thursday, August 20, 2009

Anyone Got A Smile?

August 12

Big Poppy and I are happy people. We use to have poker faces but we are definitely smiley faces now. What is spectacular is that Little Guy is a smiley face too. His entire face lights up when you see him the morning, especially after his breakfast. If you go out of the room for a minute and come back in, Little Guy smiles again. Big Poppy makes a funny face, Little Guy smiles.

Little Guy is also a talker. I am going to chalk that up to the reading out loud (not all books). Little Guy loves to tell stories and quite frankly, in my family that is going to come in handy - you have to know how to catch the biggest fish in my family.

Most of the time, Little Guy is quite the little talker and smiler.

Little Guy is telling Big Poppy how he is going to be the greatest hockey player ever here. (There are days when Little Guy says he will be the best baseball player, golfer or CPA. Currently he is keeping his options open.)

After Little Guy finished describing his hat trick to win the Stanley Cup in game 7, he just sat back and grinned about how great that moment is going to be.

As you can see, when I mentioned to Little Guy that he needed to stay in school and not turn pro too early in his life he let me know what he thought of my opinion.

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