Monday, August 17, 2009

Did she just swing and miss?

NOTE: I have not run away to another book. I was being a responsible adult and completing the thank you's for all the loving people in our lives.

August 7

Big Poppy played baseball for most of his life. He was even a student-athlete in college (short-stop or second base most of the time). This should let you know that he has wonderful hand-eye coordination when it comes to a bat and a ball.

I did not play baseball growing up...nor did I play softball. My hometown did not offer softball for girls (or else my family did not tell me about it). I grew up playing basketball. I have wonderful hand-eye coordination when it comes to a hoop and a ball. I'm fairly certain that I could school my high school age cousin in basketball tomorrow. When she comes to visit in a few weeks, we may have to have a friendly little game.

When I play softball, I do so for fun with friends. I lay it out there that I am not going to be a star. I am perfectly comfortable playing with the bunnies in right field. I won't throw my bat and hit anyone. As long as everyone knows my skill level and is comfortable, I know how to jog out to right field every inning and pretend to know what I'm doing.

Big Poppy and I had been playing on a co-ed team. Since Little Guy was so little and we had to get things ready for him at home, we became subs. My luck (and yes, it is good luck this time) most weeks the team needed a female sub. Big Poppy would drive our little family to the field. He would remind me to wear my football shoes (I embarrassed him by putting on tennis shoes). Little Guy and Big Poppy would cheer on the team and me for just under an hour.

I loved it! I'm use to the softball/baseball fields being "owned" by Big Poppy. I did a fabulous job of running out to right field. I can remember my place in the line up. I can get very, very nervous when it's actually time for me to bat.

This Friday night, August 7, I did the unthinkable in softball. Well, really I did two unthinkables. Instead of swinging at bad pitches I let them go astray and took a walk. Really, it was safer than me trying to step out of the batters box and hit the ball. Later on...brace yourself...I swung and missed the ball, completely.

Now that was shameful even to me. I heard the captain shout that "It's ok. Little Guy didn't see you do that."

On the ride home I made Big Poppy promise to take me out to the fields in our back yard (we live on a park) for a little BP. I do not want to shame myself ever again. I do not want Little Guy to ever know that his mommy could swing and miss, in slow pitch, low-rec, high-fun, co-ed league. It would be hard for Little Guy to respect me.

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