Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Ice? Who needs Ice?!?

No snow, no ice, green-"ish" grass, warmer weather, etc... You'd think that means it's time to move onto the next season's sport. Well Little Guy had a better idea.

Little Guy: Let's kick the ball.
Big Poppy: Alright, let's put your shoes and coat on and go outside.
We kick the ball back and forth, 10-15 minutes, before the ball gets stuck underneath the car. Little Guy goes to the corner of the garage and grabs the hockey stick.
Little Guy: Here you go Daddy! Get the ball.
Big Poppy: Thanks Little Guy!
Little Guy: You're wel-come Daddy!
Big Poppy: :-)
Another 5 minutes or so goes by before the ball is stuck again. I grab the stick and pull the ball out.
Little Guy: Let me see (referring to the stick).
Big Poppy: Oh, okay, here you go.
See below for what happened next........
Little Guy says I'm tired of kicking, let's play hockey! I don't care if the stick is too big and the blade is curved the wrong way!
Okay, well maybe not those exact words, but that's how I interpreted it! :-)
Yes, he will be getting his own left handed hockey stick (Little Guy size) next season.
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