Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Night Time

This past Saturday Big Poppy, Little Guy and I went to our first night football game.

The air was crisp but not cold. The fans were supportive and fun. The view to downtown was awesome.

Big Poppy may look tired to you and me. Well, let's be honest. He was tired. While I knew we planned on leaving at half time (a night game is rather late for Little Guy) I am not quite sure if we left because of Little Guy or Big Poppy.

Now, we need to figure out how to get a W...I guess, hockey season is just around the corner.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Catch-up Time

It's been a while and let me tell you something. A lot of fun things have been happening. The great thing about's fun. The bad thing about fun, I get too caught up in the fun to take pictures or let everyone know what we are doing.

I should be out for a little run but the wind sounds cold, the sky is black and the wind sound cold. Did I mention that already? Sure, the treadmill could work but ... I'm thinking a great excuse on why to skip a morning workout ... I don't feel like jogging this morning becaue the wind sounds cold. I'm sure that means the wind would be blowing quite a bit on our treadmill too.

The last time I was here there was a quick run down of Labor Day weekend. Remember to breath while we catch-up. Also, just to note, by no means do I think we are any busier than any other family. I really do not know anyone with time to sit around watching the paint dry. This month has just had more packed into it than normal. We do our best to give us time as a family to play, talk and chill out together. Go - go - go is not the best idea all the time, at least in my opinion. I do like my couch, well, really I like to sit on my couch. I would love a new couch however that is a story for another day.

Big Poppy, a couple times a year, goes to Missouri to golf work with his biggest client. He during the day on September 9 and returned September 12. While he was away, Little Guy had his first swimming lesson. We got up bright and early Saturday morning, swim lessons are at 8 am, to dress, have a little breakfast and then make it over to the swim school. The dressing rooms are very bright and colorful, don't you think?

Swim class was great. Little Guy was a little shy with all the extra people around (there are six small classes going on at once which is a lot for a little boy who does not want to miss a thing). After getting use to all the other classes, Little Guy focused in on our group and had a lot of fun.

After swimming lessons, we rushed home to shower and change. We were off to a football with a friend and her son. The mom's were in one color and the boys were in the home town favorite colors. I went to college with Wendy and we busted out the old school gear. Both to my astonishment and my dismay, I am a home town supporter, the little school won.

Sunday was a big, big day for Little Guy. Big Poppy was not a fan of me cutting Little Guy's hair so we went to have a big boy haircut. It was not excactly the experience I thought it would be. Little Guy is normally very laid back, happy and has a winning smile. From the moment he sat in the chair Little Guy was over it. He let everyone know this current situation was unacceptable and he wanted out.

Even on the ride to lunch with GrandB, Little Guy let his sour mood over the whole thing shine through. It took a few hours before he liked me again. Next time, Big Poppy gets to be the bad guy.

Big Poppy made it home, safe and sound, and Little Guy was very happy to snuggle up next to him Sunday afternoon after the tourture of a haircut I put him through. After Little Guy was sound asleep, we started moving furniture. Tuesday was the big day of the carpet install. The entire upstairs and the living room would have fresh flooring and I was excited.

But, before Tuesday carpet install we needed to clear out all of the rooms. Thankfully Danno helped with a couple of the heavy lifting items. We had everything squared away for Tuesday, well almost everything. On Monday, the guys came to move the pool table from the "pool table room" (I have no other word to describe the game room because the room was built around the pool table) to the basement and garage.

Tuesday was my favorite day. When I arrived home from work with Little Guy it was like a new home. We have a few more things we want to update and change but this carpeting was quite a transformation in the feel of our home. I may regret chocolate carpet considering how often you need to vacumn with a white fluffy puppy (love you Jeter) but it will be worth it every time Big Poppy brings out the vacumn.

There was touch up painting and curtains hung (another thing I cannot get enough of, I can hide the ugly blinds now). A speaker was moved (thank you Big Poppy!). Most of our furniture was put back by Friday and the rest occured when Danno came over to help with the heavy lifting.

And the pool table. Now this was a gem I was not expecting. When they moved the pool table back we had it refelted. I now believe the felt on the table may have dated back to the early 1800's. The new felt is so clean and crisp. Had I know how easy and somewhat inexpensive it was to refelt a table, I would have done this a long time ago. It completely changed the look of the table and I no longer hate it. It was so ugly and icky before. Now it actually looks nice.

Now let me give you the quick recap of Friday. Work, pool table, furniture...oh, yes, I ran over to Mack's house for a little party with Danno's Girl and after they left Les and Travie arrived to spend the weekend with us along with Travie's brother and sister-in-law.

Which means September 18th and 19th was spent like this: Saturday morning, up and off to swim lessons and upon returning grabbing Les to be my personal cheerleader for a co-ed football game (in the future Big Poppy and Little Guy will come to cheer) while Travie, Big Poppy and Little Guy searched for Vikings helmut's (YUCK!) for Les and Travie's two boys. When we all met up around lunch time, Travie's family had arrived and we were off to the home of the juicy lucy (as seen on tv). Then we came home to watch some college football, played a game and more family came over for a quick minute before they went out for a few drinks. Big Poppy and I stayed home, picked up a bit and put Little Guy to bed. When they arrived home, most went to bed and we yacked a bit with Les before I sent her to bed for the second night in a row (she needs her sleep). Sunday morning everyone was up early and we were off for pre-game breakfast. Our guests were going to the Vikes game (we were asked but I did not want to spend good money on a team like the Vikings...but I willl go sometimes, just not this time). We came home, picked up, watched some football, GrandB wanted to stop over to see Little Guy, we went for a walk and then made supper. The disappointed crowd made it home in time for the Manning Bowl II but did not last long before they were ready for bed. Monday Les and I went for a jog/walk to catch-up and then everyone was off and we were back to reality of our own work day.

Which brings us to this week. It has been slow in comparison. A little playing. A little laundry. And now we are at the weekend again (Friday's are a good thing).

It's been nice catching up.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Labor Day Weekend

I know. I know. It's been a while. As Little Guy gets more and more mobile (there isn't anything he won't try to climb) I find myself running around more and needing to do some household necessities at night and for my sanity, working out in the morning (except for this throat will not allow me to breath and I'll be gargling salt water very soon).

Anyways. I wanted to give you quick glimpse of our weekend.

Saturday brought some family to town. We just saw them in July in Chicago so it was a real treat to have them with us again so quickly. While Big Poppy, Ranger, Syd and Soy went to the baseball game, Little Guy, Aunt and I stared at a blank wall.

After we had enough of the blank wall, we hopped into the car and made sure Big Poppy had some work to do when they returned from the baseball game. (Ranger was a little upset and unable to be put to work.)

There is one less blank space on our walls. And for those of you who don't know, we did not normally have blank walls. Right before we Little Guy warmed our hearts we had the popcorn ceiling changed to a knock-down ceiling. Everything had been moved out of our home. We repainted and the pictures we had just were not us (I may not have had the best taste 10 years ago when it came to furniture or picture selections). I have been slowly finding items that we like without spending a small fortune, although there is a painting I am in love with and I may have to break down and spend a few hundred dollars on one picture. I'm not there yet but I'm getting there.

Did you think I would make Big Poppy stand there all day to finish out the space?

The weekend also consistent of more baseball on Sunday. Some of us longed around (some more than others).

There were parks to be played at.

Some of us could not get enough of the slide. And here I thought kids liked swings better than slides.

Some of us threw a fit when we had to leave the park.

GrandB and GrandC came to play with Little Guy while the rest of us enjoyed seeing Wicked. One critic was heard saying this play was better than Syd's school plays.

At in the end, when the family left, we were all sad to see them go. Once again, Little Guy had a bad night sleeping after they left. I guess he missed them already.
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