Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Independence Weekend

Last year over the 4th of July weekend we had a blast with family in Chicago. We debated what to do this past 4th of July and then settled on spending the weekend creating our own independence - from diapers. Little Guy has been asking to use the potty, sometimes, and is always interested in flushing the toilet. We settled in for a quiet weekend home, close to the bathroom.

Then something amazing happened. After weeks of grey skies and rain, the skies turned blue and the sun shone. It was amazing. About two hours into our independence from diapers weekend, Little Guy said "no potty on toilet" and promptly wet the front of himself. I looked at Big Poppy and declared it is too nice (FINALLY!) to stay in the weekend. We will being enjoying it with fun and pull-ups.

First up was the park. Little Guy loves these slides and I admit I get a little nervous. It's huge! He's two. I am very happy to have found this little jem of a park (little is relative and thanks Wendy!) but going to the third floor of this with Little Guy made my heart flutter a bit. While he is a big boy he seemed too little for this...don't tell Little Guy that. He wanted nothing to do with the smaller areas.

The cat-walk was very fun for him.

We packed a some food and had a picnic in the shade. The quiet time was nice.

It didn't take Little Guy long to figure out a bag of ice on the neck was a great way to cool off. I am so amazed how smart he is!

After lunch it was time to hit the swimming area. It was easy to spot those of us in the Frozen Tundra that do not use a tanning bed.

We also got to spend some time with family. Little Guy enjoyed playing with cousins, eating homemade ice cream sandwiches and taking his first jet ski ride.

While it would have been awesome to bye-bye to diapers, I know we made the right choice. The low-key weekend of fun was just what we needed.

Happy belated 4th of July!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Quick One

We have been playing hard and enjoying the sunshine while it lasts. I cannot wait to give you the insider scoop soon on our play time. Until then, let me tell you about yesterday.

A normal Monday, off to work we go. Little Guy had a field trip and got to see all kinds of animals - his favorite was the lizard. Big Poppy worked hard too but my firm closed the office early and volunteered with a HOME program. Outside (I realize Big Poppy is outside all day too, up and down a ladder, but between appointments he get the cool AC of his vehicle). The heat index was H-O-T. I lucked out and was on inside window washing duty. After our volunteering we played mini-golf and am quite amazed there was no heat stroke. We grabbed a drink and food and enjoyed co-workers outside of the office.

But the best part came when I got home. The door came open and I hear a THUMP. Then the patters of little feet running at the same time "MOMMY!"

Man, it was good to come home to such a welcome.

I wonder why Big Poppy didn't say "WIFE!".

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Birthday Fun

This past weekend was GrandC's birthday and today is FavoriteNiece's birthday (a new niece will be appearing soon, I may need to rethink this name). For a low-key celebration, we went a few rides and had a little lunch. Of course there were presents and cake (or key lime pie)! I truly believe the reason why some people do not like getting older has everything to do with how we celebrate birthdays.

When we are first beginning to celebrate our birthday, family and close friends come over to eat cake and ice cream. A lot of the time those that love us spoil us with presents. SIDEBAR: Spoiling is ok, in moderation. Spoiling to the point of rottenness, not ok.

As our birthday draw nears, we sit in anticipation, not quite sure what will happen this year. Will the cake be chocolate? Will our favorite food be served? It is all so very exciting, waiting to see is going to happen. 

Then, on the day, THE DAY, things really start to look up.

Before we know it, our heart is racing. The thrill of our birthday brings so many smiles.

I understand why some may not like getting older. The slice of cake we eat gets smaller. The number of people who see or call you or send a card on your birthday reduces dramatically. Suddenly, telling someone "Happy Birthday" on Facebook is socially acceptable. The personal connection is gone.

It's time to treat every one's birthday like a special day. I challenge you for the next year to send a card. Use the phone as a phone (i.e. don't text or Facebook). Eat a big slice of cake. Celebrate those you care about. Reconnect. And above all, have fun. Have a happy birthday. Help someone else have a happy birthday.

Happy Birthday to our FavoriteNiece!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Open Doors

When you open a door, many different outcomes may happen.

If you leave a door closed and do not see what the possibility is behind a closed door, what you have is what you get.

As a child, we open doors all the time. We are curious to see what kind of treasures are just waiting for us to find them. When presented with a new door, are you taking the chance to see what treasure awaits you or are you scared to venture out into the unknown?

Most of the time, as adults we don't seek out new doors. I wonder, are we limiting ourselves in order to stay on the safe, predictable and happy path of life? Perhaps it's time for us to look for new doors and show Little Guy what new treasures we find.

4th of July - Posts to come to let you know what's up. We have been busy looking for new doors and finding the right one for our family.
Somewhat related - the website has completely changed how it looks to create posts. This new door is going to take some time getting use to. :)

Friday, July 1, 2011

I Know

I know I am not always the best at keeping things updated.

I know that I have many areas to improve myself.

I know that despite my many flaws I have a beautiful family, both here and far away.

I know that these blue eyes see the best in everyone, including me.

I know our love and happiness is real.

I know that we open our arms love everyone, furry or not.

I know this Little Guy is learning from the best man I know.

I know having a best friend helps you jump feet first.

I know having some you trust, respect and love is vital.

I know that power of flying on your own.

I know the power of keeping people close.

I know I have a wonderful family.

I know how truely lucky I am.

NOTE: These are a few of the pictures from Little Guys two year photos. I know - we look good. :)
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