Thursday, August 6, 2009

Run Big Poppy Run

July 11

After a late night out, what is the best thing you can do? Well you make sure that you have plenty of friends and family coming over to run in a local 5k and then have a little breakfast and bloody mary of course.

Bright and early on Saturday morning our house started to fill up with both those partaking in the 5k run and those that were there to cheer us on (or maybe it was to have extra time with Little Guy). Either way, I don't care. It was great to have so many friends in our home so early in the day - I mean, they were to our place by 7:30 am, on a Saturday. I must have some special powers that I need to learn how to use or more likely, I have some of the best friends in the world.

After a 15 minute walk over to 5k start, we broke up to those that were running/jogging the 5k and those that were going to make sure Little Guy slept just fine in the stroller. Of the runners, and I use that term loosely with me these days, we quickly split up, men and women and little girl. Our niece EB was in her jog stroller and only one person had the right to make sure she went fast enough.

Luckily, it was not me. I probably would have needed to walk...a lot sooner. Big Poppy was the best uncle that day and made sure that EB got in the fast lane. I was very disappointed that I couldn't make the entire run this time, even more so when I found out that the race was shortened during the night by a mystery man/woman. However, it has put the running fire back into my life and I can safely say that today I would not need to walk.

After the run, er run/walk for some of us, we headed the 15 minutes back to Big Poppy's castle and breakfast was served. All in all, it was a very active morning, but the healthy living didn't stop there. Big Poppy was playing in the softball tournament with some of his buddies. Little Guy and I, along with a few friends and family, went to watch the first game. There was absolutely no shade at this field and did not last past the first game. I guess without our support the team didn't have much fight in them. The finish in this tournament is not something to write about.

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