Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Why I Started...Why I Continue

A long, long time ago, a fair faced gal met a strapping young guy. The two began to spend a lot of time together. They laughed. They played. They fell in love. Like most young people in love, the gal and guy knew they should spend the rest of their lives together. With many close family and friends, these two said “I do” and they lived happily ever after…well, this is true with a hiccup in between.

The young gal and guy started the rest of their life together, much like many young newlyweds. They had lots of love and not much savings but, who needs savings when you are 23 and 25 years old!?! As the young gal and guy grew older, their love deepened and the other parts of their future came together. With some financial security and a plan to ensure their stability, the gal and the guy decided it was time…to get a puppy… The two became three and quickly they wanted to become four.

Several years passed. Stress came into the gal and guys life. The two figured out the stress and found they loved one another even more and better than before. The three were still waiting to become four (sometimes patiently, sometimes impatiently). Anything (legal) was tried to bring the fourth into their family. Jokes were made about scooping up cute babies, but the waiting continued.

And then, eight years after deciding to become a family of four, the wait was over. A Little Guy came into their life. An angel selected them to love and raise her most special gift. The gal and the guy knew they needed a way to let the angel see their Little Guy grow into the person he was meant to be. Finding the best way came easy, with a little help from a college friend.

This friend had started her journey into blogging the very month Little Guy came into their lives. The gal had very much enjoyed reading and seeing the day to day life their college friend shared with her hubby, her kids, her dog…her Ordinary Miracles Of Life. The gal and the guy, now an extremely happy and proud mommy and daddy, knew how to include their angel in their life.

And so, Nothing Less Than A Miracle was born (the similar name to their college friend, is a coincidence from an email from the guy’s grandpa).

There have been benefits not considered when the blog started. Family and friends who are miles and miles away are able to watch Little Guy grow. When lives become busy and the guy and the gal are unable to see friends and family who live close by for a while, they can stop by to see what’s new. While, this blog might not have as much learning ideas for others, it does have LOVE. Lots of LOVE. And the gal and the guy hope to bring the love more often.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

It's Your Birthday!

 It's your birthday Little Guy. You spend however you want.

If you want to eat all your pancakes before Mommy enters the kitchen. You can do that.

When asked how old you are you want to grin to show space in your upper two teeth and show us how big you are. You can do that.

While Big Poppy is helping make birthday cupcakes...

You want to attack the camera. You can do that.

If you want homemade mac-n-cheese. You can have that.

You can blow out your first candle.

You can take a first taste of frosting.

You can shove a cupcake in your face.

You can try to figure out how to have more frosting and less cupcake.

You can show Big Poppy and me how you are eating all the cupcake.

You smile big because it was so very tasting.

And, if on your birthday, you want to take one small little nap during the day and play all day long, fall asleep at 7 pm and not open presents on your birthday. You can do that too.

Happy First Birthday Little Guy! We love you! You are loved by so many, both near and far away.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Elevator Etiquette?

I admit, I do not really think about elevator etiquette all that often. Most days I try to take the stairs up to the office. Some mornings I'm lazy and call the elevator. Other mornings, someone was kind enough to hold the elevator for me...while I know taking the stairs is better for me I figure I should not slap someone else's random act of kindness in the face. When leaving the office, I normally take the elevator down - it's difficult to navigate the stairs going down in heels (too bad I am rarely wearing heels).

Once in the elevator, I am amazed when it is used to go up or down one flight of stairs. Elevators are slow. You have to wait for them. The doors open and close on turtle speed. I do not understand how some people going up or down one floor have that much extra time to stand around and wait.

I know there is elevator etiquette. I probably don't follow it most of the time (gasp - I talk to strangers and tell them to have a good day). I am also a modern woman. I don't expect special treatment because I am a girl. I wait for the blue hairs and the rude to get off the elevator before me.

Oh, do you see where I'm going.

The other day, on my way home, I jump into the elevator with about 6 guys. The only floor pushed was 2 (the walkway to the parking ramp). I was the last on the elevator. Now mind you, I'm modern and I'm conditioned by these young guys (most of whom I work with) that the "new elevator etiquette" is to exit youngest to oldest (and some young men wonder why they are single). The 6 guys I joined on the elevator appeared to by my age or slightly older. I am also conditioned to believe men of this age always wait for the ladies to exit first.

Imagine my surprise, when I am the last on the elevator - picture me, front and center of the elevator waiting for the doors to slide open - to have not one but two guys jump out in front of me while the doors were sliding open. There was a quick "excuse me". As I walked to my car, I was struck by this rudeness for some reason.

My Little Guy better follow proper elevator etiquette.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Race for a Cure

Each year Big Poppy and I, along with few thousand others get together. We walk (or run) together to help support and raise money for breast cancer. The 5k walk is more about seeing all the people and hearing their story than any fitness aspect. In fact, I believe the first mile takes just as long as the miles 2 and 3.

For some reason, this event is profound to me. When I started entering the Race for a the Cure 10 years ago, I had no idea the impact it would have on me. Every year I see or hear something that changes me. Not all of them are sad, some are funny. Here are the highlights over the years.

2000 - The Half-Rack Club - These ladies know how to have a good time.

2001 - Walking behind a man and his three boys and having it dawn on me their bibs said "In Memory of - My Mom" and realizing the youngest of the boys will likely not have many memories of his mom. He was just too young.

2002 - A friend of a friend walked with us this year. She was a young college student and I soon learned she lived most of her life with her aunt and uncle. Her dad had died in a car accident and a few years later her mom lost her battle with breast cancer.

2003 - Fight Like a Girl - This is the first time I remember seeing this phrase. I'm sure it goes further back, but really, doesn't this say it all. (This year, 2010, I saw a different play on it, Fight Like a Mom.)

2004 - This is a year I met a remarkable YOUNG lady. She was nineteen and a 1 year survivor of breast cancer. I cannot imagine the impact this has on her life and those around her. She knows how to fight like a girl!

2005 - Saving Second Base - This was the biggest group I have ever came upon and the group was split up! The power of friendship is simply amazing.
2006 - ThinkPink - A group of junior high students banded together to walk for their mom's.

2007 - Boobees - Need I say more. :)

2008 - Nana's Gang - 6 years free and countless children and grandchildren bringing a smile to her face.

2009 - Sleeping in for a Cure - I'm a loser and signed up for Sleeping in a for a Cure. This will be something I will regret missing out on.

2010 - Towards the end of the walk, we were next to a dad, mom and jog stroller. The little one was 2 1/2. It turns out the "mom" was not the mom. She was an aunt. The tag on the stroller said "In Memory of - The Best Mommy Ever".

We walk and support those who are fighting and helping every day. Little Guy's first official race was not one about having the fastest time. It was one about having the best time with those around us.
I'm good right here, with you. This is a lot of people. About 50,000 to be exact.

A 5k is a long way for me and it was early in the morning.

Just a few of our friends.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Walt Disney World From a Pint Size Perspective

I'm going to Disney World. Can you see my excitement?
Do you see my smile? I'm free from the stroller.
I tried my hardest not to miss a thing but my head felt so very heavy.
I really missed my puppy but found this one to play with.
I also made new friends.
One day it was like a water ride all day long.
I was very excited at all the fun I was having.
I had a great time riding the horses.
This guy made me laugh and laugh.

But really, the best part was when we were in the hotel and I could crawl around.
I missed my best friend and was just as happy to see him and he was to see me.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Saddest-Sweetesy Thing

The saddest, yet sweetest, occurrence is happening in our home. It brings joy to some and tears to others. The highs and lows are all the result of a common incident. Like all good drama, there is an instigator.

When Big Poppy picks up the leash our home become full of emotions.

The Happy Boy (Jeter) cannot stop jumping with excitement because he get’s to go potty or go for a walk.

The Sad Boy (Little Guy) moves has fast as he can to the front door when a coat is not put on him because he knows he’s not going along. Once Big Poppy has the leash on The Happy Boy, the tears roll down The Sad Boy’s face.

And then, I get to watch this, The Sad Boy patiently waiting for Big Poppy and The Happy Boy to finish with their business in the front yard. Once The Sad Boy sees Big Poppy and The Happy Boy start their walk back to our house, then I get to see The It’s Going To Be OK Boy.

I sure hope Little Guy wants to spend all his time with us when he’s older.

NOTE: After a brief delay, I’m back and will get the vacation update and other updates up quickly. My only excuse is me. Every spare moment I have been spending with Little Guy and have not wanted to take any time for anything else. Then, while Little Guy is sleeping, I’ve been lazy. The couch, Big Poppy, tivo and I became way too close. Thankfully for all of us, I am getting bored with the tv again.
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