Saturday, August 8, 2009

It's my party...

Part II

July 18

...and I'll sleep if I want to. At Little Guy's next big event, he was very laid back. So laid back in fact that he slept most of the afternoon.

Despite the sleepy boy we had another fantastic time. Our great friends Steffey and Mack hosted a bar-b-que in Little Guy's honor. This was especially fun because it was not limited to females only. Big Poppy's friends and their families were also in attendance. I had dear girlfriends from college that I had not seen in five years that made the trek to meet Little Guy.

All the food was baby size. Think mini-burgers, mini-desserts and alphabet salad...a person could have easily eaten 6 mini-burgers without blinking an eye. I took my share of the food from the German Chocolate mini-cakes. YUMMY!

You will just have to trust me that we had a great time. We have some of the greatest friends in the world, even if at times it may seem like time and distance has been too vast, they always come through for the important things in our lives. I hope that Little Guy makes some friends as special (in a good way) as ours.

I'll post a couple pictures when I get the disk from Mack.

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