Friday, August 7, 2009

Happy Birthday Dear...

July 12

This has been quite a weekend. Friends and family from all over the United States made the trip to visit. Sunday was another special day for our family. Our favorite niece, EB, turned 3. The birthday celebration was full of fun, love and of course, cake.

There were plenty of presents for the birthday girl.

So many that it was difficult to decide where to start.

Our nephew, Big T (T is for trouble, I think he may be a silent trouble maker - he'll be the one that starts something but then disappears and Little Guy gets the blame), may have been disappointed that the presents were not for him.

Big Poppy and his little brothers (Uncle Park-it with EB, Uncle Chips with Big T, Big Poppy with Little Guy) smiled brightly with their kids.

GrandB and GrandC even got in on the action.

The bond between these counsins will last forever.

And the beginnings of love is shown here.

But Big T and EB don't know the strength of their hugs.

So Little Guy had to go see Big Poppy so Big T and EB could finish showing each other love.

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