Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I Know Why Men Marry

When men marry for life, they marry for love. This I do believe.

There is research that tells us that marriage is good for our health. We live longer due to lower blood pressure suggestiong that marriage may literally be a matter of the heart.

I think that I have found another reason why men marry.

Men may be a little lost without a partner.

Men do not have normally have the greatest fashion sense. One of Big Poppy's male cousin's still tries wears t-shirts from his high school days; he does not have the same physical build as high school. Without the better half around to help with dressing, there seems to be a misfire in the brain that says that if clothes fit good enough, wear it. Maybe men think short pants are a good idea?

Men also seem to need help with the laundry sorting. Why is it that the red napkin does not get sorted properly when Big Poppy is around?

The acceptable short pants and the pink laundry leads me to believe that while love is the strongest motivator when a man decides to marry, there may be some little items that make a man realize he should marry.

I am happy to help my man!

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  1. Haha! That poor baby Yankees jersey. And which cousin are you talking about, I wonder. : )


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