Monday, August 3, 2009

Will I Confuse Little Guy?

We have not been in hiding. We have not run away. We have been immersed in our imagination - reading.

For days I have been reading outloud to Little Guy from the Twilight Series. I have regressed YEARS and have become a teenage girl. Once we come up for air, just a few more days if my voice can hold out, I will let you know what Little Guy and I think.

Not to worry, we still find time to go for walks, play, eat, nap and in true boy fashion, try to see the game on t.v. Yes, Little Guy now notices when the t.v. is on and strains his neck to see the score. Good thing we enjoy watching ESPN over and over at our house.

I will also take time this week to get caught up so I can tell you all about my love for Edward Cullen and hope the use of Little Guy's first name does not confuse him into thinking he has some other special powers (outside of making everyone fall in love with him, that is).

Big Poppy and I were talking about my new boyfriend, Edward, and my other boyfriend, Mitch Rapp and Big Poppy thinks that Mitch would be very upset that I thought for a minute that Edward could take him in a fight. Going over this discussion with a friend brought a slight head-shake and then words "it's like trying to decide who would win a fight between a dolphin and a would depend on if the fight was in water or on land."

It's a good thing people know that I am really sane, I just love a good book.

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  1. Well, he and Smiley here will be confused together:) Have you finished them all yet?


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