Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Teethy Smiles

Big smiles and bigger teeth. The three smiles seem to show off our pearly whites quite nicely. 

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Hockey Returns

Time moves fast. So fast that it seems like yesterday I was telling you about our vacation to Walt Disney World (again). Then I look at it has been a month since Little Guy took his first international flight - to Cabo of course. And now, hockey season is in full swing. Here's the evidence. (ok, look for a real video soon. Apparently I need a you tube account, which I don't have. Instead here's a photo taken seconds ago.)

Have patience with me. My patience with outside forces is gone. This means I will be posting again. See, I have even embraced technology and will post from either my phone or, as is the case tonight, Big Poppy's phone, from time to time. Now I must work on getting a driver (Bentley with a driver is this gals dream) all the time. I feel like such a power player "working" while on the our way guessed it, the hockey game. Any bets on how long into the game before Little Guy asks for ice cream? - Posted using BlogPress from Big Poppy's iPhone
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