Monday, August 10, 2009

Animal Farm

Setting: Big Poppy’s Castel

Time: July 25 - before Big Poppy likes to be awake on a Saturday

Event: Text message

Outcome: A day home at home cleaning, preparing bedrooms, and writing thank you notes are long forgotten

This fine Saturday morning I was up and going about my morning like I normally do. You know, running 5 miles, feeding Jeter, preparing the daily meals for the family…or maybe it was more like, reading, playing on the internet, and starting to wake up Big Poppy because I was bored of being up by myself for too long now and there was no way I was going to wake up Little Guy, growing boys need their sleep! Imagine my glee when I received a text message before 7:30 am. Ah, someone really knows me and loves me. Even better, it was my sister-in-law, AuntT (I’m still trying to find the perfect descriptions – I’m not in love with EB either, it just doesn’t fit but until then…).

After some quick back and forth’s it was decided to meet up that afternoon for a trip to the smaller zoo in town. Yeah! An afternoon with Uncle Park-it, AuntT and EB AND I get to tell Big Poppy it’s time to get up so we can get some things done without being a total monster.

What does a little boy wear to his first zoo outing?

Well a shirt with an animal and a clear definition of his birth date in case someone wants’ to know but is too shy to ask.

What does a little boy do to help keep the sun out of his eyes?

Well he wears his sunglasses because he is “that cool”.

What does a little boy do when others are riding the train?

Well its nap time obviously, he cannot be bothered with trivial things like a train.

What does a little boy do when the day is coming to an end?

Well, it’s time for another nap silly.

Little Guy had a great time, as did Big Poppy and myself. I sure hope we get some last minute plans in the future that is this much fun.

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