Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Rain to Sun to Rain

It is an American family tradition to go on road trips. I do not understand how there is proper family bonding when I hear of friends who have never been on a family road trip. I mean, really, where do you learn these standard lines if not on a family road trip:

"Don't make me stop the car."

"How much longer?"

"Stop hitting your brother."

"Are we there yet?"

Friday morning was a slow start. I may have not allowed sufficient time woken Big Poppy up to help me to complete all necessary tasks to be on the road by 7 am. I felt good with the 7:30 departure after I looked at the laundry completed. After seven hours on the road, with bathroom breaks, lunch and a snack attack, we reached our destination. Sunshine! It rained for most of those seven hours while on the road.

Visiting friends was great. I was so caught up in playing with the boys; Little Guy got to visit Boo (4) and Bro-Bro (1), that I failed to take many pictures. I was living in the now and now hope that I have a flawless memory. Sunday morning was especially special for me. Not only did I get to spend it with Little Guy, but also Bro-Bro woke up early to be with us. They look so peaceful!

Bro-Bro did not last long in our bed. He was ready for the morning and we watched a movie together.

I was pleased to find a jogging stroller on a trip to the grocery store (the running store was next door - side note, I went to the grocery store, running store, and gas station in less time than it takes some husbands to get coffee, you know who are Travie). We took the stroller for a test walk with the boys. (Side note 2 - for any newly 'with child' out there, you know who you are... :) get this one!)

Sunday afternoon was not a good time for Little Guy. He was a very unhappy camper and a bit anti-social. Little Guy and I spent most of our time in basement. He has never cried like this before but with good reason. The poor thing had some problems going to the bathroom. He seemed pretty good on the way home on Monday.

Little Guy is looking at something with so much concentration that it got me wondering what it was that engrossed him.
I snapped this from Little Guy's view point. I'm still wondering what has him so engrossed...
At least Little Guy seems relaxed with Big Poppy at the wheel. Or maybe he is just enjoying me re-reading New Moon to him (he liked my voice and I can sing for only so long).

We made it home safely. GrandB and GrandC missed out. We waited for quite a while at their place when we picked up Jeter. Next time. And, joy of all joy's, Little Guy worked some of his bathroom problems out. Big Poppy and I have never been so pleased to see a dirty diaper.

This morning, well it's much of the same. The sunshine is gone (do I live in Forks now or does it just feel like it). The thunder startled Little Guy and Jeter. Do you know what that means?

I'm left out of the bed.

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