Saturday, October 31, 2009

Discover the Magic

When Katherine Howe’s debut novel The Physick Book of Deliverance Dane was chosen for last month’s book club selection, I had no idea what to expect. I mean, I had NO idea. I had never heard of the book. While I might not be the dullest pencil in the bunch, I am also not the sharpest. The mere title of the book scared me. I was certain physick was spelled correctly (I think one of many edits would have caught something to obvious) and my little mind was thinking, this must be about something way over my head.

After a quick read of the book jacket and less quick Google search, I determined that physic meant healing, medicine, or the art/profession of healing. Hmmm, interesting…the Salem witches thought of as healers instead of witches. A novel concept and probably something my brain could comprehend. I had had small fears that physick would send me to the engineer/chemistry/physics lab’s to decipher what was occurring while I read the book.

The story is about mothers and daughters and, if I did not give it away already, witches leading up to the Salem witch trials. It takes place in modern day New England and starting in 1681 New England. The interwoven story will at times appear to be two distinct reads. A cautious readier (i.e. one who is always trying to figure out the ending before the end of the book instead of just enjoying and waiting) will not be fooled.

Connie, the story’s main character, did not grab me. I left feeling lukewarm towards her but believe this was the author’s intention to create a cold and sterile lead. Connie does not believe in witches and finds anything unproven as impossible at worst and impractical at best. What Connie finds, the story of real witches and the relationship of the husband’s and daughter’s they love testing her belief in the divine.

Katherine Howe shows the reader how metaphysical practices (divination, incantations, the law of attractions) provided a service in a time will little medical or science based interventions. Most who practiced “witchcraft”, physick’s, saw themselves in partnership with God. The healing came from this partnership and it was in God’s hands for the healing to occur. This contradicts the Church belief the “witches” worked for the Devil.

The Physick Book of Deliverance Dane is a new look on the events of the Salem witch trials. Perhaps the Salem witch trials, instead of occurring based on childish emotions, were based on childish emotions AND “witchcraft” (otherwise known as physick practice’s).

On another note, I missed the book club meeting on The Phsyick Book of Deliverance Dane. It was an eleventh hour decision and I feel terrible for missing. I apologize for missing and for not giving more advance notice.

Friday, October 30, 2009

The Final Clues...

Little Guy will not be dressed in my old bridesmaid dress from 10 years ago today (Happy Anniversary!).

Nor will Little Guy be a walking zombie (he does not walk yet).

Little Guy's custome inspiration is has four legs but I have seen them walk on two legs.

Thursday, October 29, 2009


Lately I have been thinking.

Well, that probably did not sound exactly right, hopefully I have always been thinking.

But, lately I have been focusing my thinking on my friends, my family and all that I have.

Lately I have been hearing about divorce. Families faced with divorce. Friendships faced with divorce.

Lately I have been wondering, should I be looking at my friendships closer.

And then I remember, lately I have been focusing on regaining old friendships. Lately I have been building my family ties. Lately I have been truely blessed beyond my wildest dreams.

I remind myself we all at different places at different times in our lives. Our strongest ties, whether great girlfriends or terrific families, have their weak points. During the weak points, my job as a great friend (hopefully your family are also your friends and your friends are part of your family) is to be here, waiting or helping, whatever they need.

When I was ready to focus my attention earlier this year on my friendships I was welcomed back. It was slow and akward, on my end, to reach out. I became withdrawn and focused on a career because the family I dreamed of having was not happening. There are still more friendships I need to strengthen again but I love having my girlfriends back. I love speaking weekly with family.

These are not all of my inner circle but while Big Poppy and Little Guy cheer on the Yankees, I was looking through old photo's. Some of us our thinner now. Some of us are not. All of us are happy and healthy.

A few of my favorite things.

Soon after refocusing on what is truely important in my life, Big Poppy and I received the call for the greatest gift ever. You may say it was luck or coincidence and I will kindly nod, it could be. Then I will suggest karma. Do good and good returns. I fostered my loving relationships and an even bigger love entered my life.

Lately, I may be sad over familes going through divorce. Lately, I may be confused on friendships ending.

But, recently, I have remembered what is important. Recently I was able to recommit to my friends. Recently, I have reminded myself when they are ready they will love again.

I hope you remember what is important in your life and take the time (and effort) to recommit to strengthening the important aspects. I hope I am part of your life, whether big or small. I hope the path you choose leads you back to friends and family.

Because lately I want everyone to feel love and happiness.

Handsome Fella

I have three handsome fella's in my life. Sometimes the four legged fella is camera shy.

A spooky day is fast approaching but my littlest hansome fella will not be Al Capone.

Nor will my littlest handsome fella be Irishman Collin Ferrel.

Nor will my littlest handsome fella moo like a cow.

However, he will give you the best smile in the world.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Count Down

There is a good chance Little Guy will be dressed in home colors tomorrow.

Counting down the days (4 days to go) what are the chances he'll be in a baseball player for Halloween?

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Guess Our Team

We have a beautiful puppy (I know he is not a puppy, but he will always be my puppy) named Jeter.

We have a wonderful boy dressed in gray (away colors).

Can you guess our team?

Can you see the difference from the first picture of Little Guy and Jeter?

Monday, October 19, 2009

There Are Times

There are times when I like to be lazy. There are times when I like to spend every extra second with my family and friends. There are times when a week in review will bring us up to date.

This is one of those times when we spent every extra second together. Moments when the computer was shut down once the work day was done. Time when the work day started later than normal and end earlier than most.

Here is our week in reivew.

Sunday, October 11

Carrot cake cupcakes were baked for our dear friend Mack's anniversary. A year ago Steffey and I baked away for the wedding cupcakes because of Martha can, so can I.

Our favorite niece came to visit Little Guy and me while Big Poppy, Uncle Park-it, AuntT and another friend went to cheer on the Twins. Little Guy and EB and I had a grand time eating cupcakes, playing and snuggling on the couch.

Tuesday, October 13

Little Guy becomes a BIG fan of rice.

Thursday, October 15

A trip to the visit family yielded Little Guy is very first pumkin, a present from cousin Lily. She is such a thoughtful little girl.

Friday, October 16

While I enjoyed laughs with my favorite girls, Big Poppy enjoyed a completely different kind of laughing.

Sunday, October 18

Little Guy loves the mess supper brings.

But he cleans up nicely.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Which One Would You Choose?

The other day, Little Guy began to eye up our food and reach for our glass when we take a drink. With limited experience, I read to prepare me for the coming stages of Little Guy’s life. Apparently, eyeing up our food and reaching for drinking glasses is a sign Little Guy wants more than just formula in his diet. After my unplanned tasting of formula, I am more than happy to offer Little Guy a wider selection.

Because of Little Guy's interest inf our food, we decided to present a dinner selection for the family.

Which one would you choose?

To me the choice was clear but Little Guy said he must have rice cereal.

Clearly, Little Guy was unconvinced about his selection.

The second tasting did not leave a great impression either.

Third time was not the charm.

He finally asked for the fish tacos.

Who could blame him? Fish tacos are yummy!

Try some fish tacos yourself. The meal is quick, easy and best of all, tasty.

Fish Tacos

Mahi-Mahi Fillets (or other fish to your liking, this is our preference)
Homestyle (Flour) Tortillas
Shredded Monterey Jack Cheese
Pico De Gallo
Chipotle Ranch Dressing
Olive Oil
The key ingredient – Caribbean Barbecue Seasoning (From Whole Foods)

1. Coat the Mahi-Mahi with olive oil and sprinkle the Caribbean Barbecue Seasoning on the fillets. Be sure to coat both sides. We find it best to grill the Mahi-Mahi Fillets.

2. Fill tortillas with pieces of fish and top with cheese, pico de gallo, dressing, and a squeeze of lime.

3. If desired, serve with Negra Modelos (also with a squeeze of lime) to get the full affect.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

1 in 54,088

UPDATE/CLARIFICATION: Little Guy was not at the football game on Monday night. We enjoyed the game from the comforts home (Well, really someone else's home with awesome food and a host that literally ate the entire first half. I do not know how he did not explode.) He was also not in attendance at the baseball game. GrandC and I attended with two other family friends while Big Poppy and Little Guy cheered from home. Big Poppy was kind enough to send me updated pictures of Little Guy via text messaging throughout the game. I was kind enough to send Big Poppy pictures of the back of a former baseball player head that was four rows in front of me and then made Big Poppy guess who the guy was.


The other night I was 1 in 54,088.

And while our Monday night football did not turn out in our favor.

(I don't know if the attitude is from the loss or Big Poppy's shirt. It's a toss up.)

Tuesday night was BIG WIN and a great place to be (thank you Big Poppy for staying home with Little Guy).

And while last nights game between


did not go our way, I keep in mind, this week I was 1 in 54,088.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Open Wide

Early today...

Big Poppy was checking on his fantasy baseball team.

The home was filled with Little Guy's laughter as I raised him up over my head and then down to kiss his cheeks.

And quite suddenly, I am shrieking. Little Guy is crying. Big Poppy is raising down the stairs to see what has happened.

At just the right moment, Little Guy launched this...

...into my mouth.

I shriek.

Little Guy cries because my shriek has scared him.

Big Poppy laughs.

How was your Sunday evening?

Who Will Know

The past two weeks have been a turning point in our little household. Gone are the days of stealing kisses from Little Guy at any time. Big Poppy and I are now both full-time employees again and Little Guy started daycare.

While we are very happy with our daycare choice, that first Monday was still unsettling. Who at the daycare is going to know that Little Guy trying to eat both his fists at the same time is his way of saying, “I need a bottle and I need it soon, very soon.” Will they sing Take Me Out to the Ballgame when Little Guy seems inconsolable because he is tired but does not want to miss the action?

These thoughts and other little things run through your mind those first few days of daycare (or the first two weeks). Realizing these things are little, there are no huge fears, and I am just being an overly worrisome mommy helps calm you (the power of positive thinking). Little Guy is safe and having fun with the other young infants, who will soon be his best buds.

Worrying was all for nothing. Little Guy’s daycare was as great as we thought it would be. Daycare even told me that they love how Little Guy giggles and smiles so easily and the other infants are giggling more now with Little Guy in the room. Yet again, Little Guy wins over a room. His charisma continues to shine.

At the afternoon pick-up, Little Guy hears your voice and starts looking around the room. Once he finds you, a huge grin breaks across his face. It melts your heart!

Jeter is also adjusting. Once again, Jeter’s days allow peace, quiet and LONG naps. Well rested, Jeter is full of energy again and the interaction between Little Guy and Jeter grows and deepens.

It is so much fun to watch and see. It leads to me question, “Who needs cable with a child and a puppy?”

Oh wait, Big Poppy’s withdrawals from Sports Center might be too much to handle.
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