Thursday, August 20, 2009

I Like to Hit Snooze

August 16

I found this the other day while I was thinking about my dear friend and former college roommate who taught me the art of hitting the snooze button.

"In a dark room, in a deep dream, your early morning alarm clock buzzing you awake can be quite disarming, but you probably shouldn't press the snooze button. Those extra nine, 18, or 27 minutes of sleep, depending on how many times your press the snooze button, are not going to help you dig yourself out of a sleep deficit. Those extra minutes of sleep are fragmented and in no way deep so they don't provide the rest you need. Rather than relying "snooze button sleep," try getting to bed earlier to catch some extra shut-eye."

The snooze button became my good friend after a couple years of asking her why she just would not set the alarm for 20 minutes later. I have normally been a morning person, at least compared to my friends, but trying to switch my workout to before work instead of after work has not been going well. It has been so poor that the workouts stopped and that makes for a cranky Happy Mom.

By some blessing, on this fine morning, I did not hit snooze. For those of you who have not checked the calendar, it's Sunday, I did not have the early alarm set, therefore I will not be patting myself on the back.

Big Poppy and Little Guy were soundly sleeping. Jeter looked at me, indicated he would like to go outside then promptly returned to bed. I laced up the shoes, turned on the i-pod and set out for my lake run. It was glorious. The air was warm but not hot, there was humidity which I love for my joints. I returned home as the household was waking up. Perfection.

Now if only I could repeat perfection a few more days a week for a couple months to retrain my body on the time to get up. Instead, I think of the my dear friend and my snooze button and think, tomorrow. My dirty little secret is now widely known. I want to get up earlier and do what I tell others not to do. I like to hit snooze. I am going to break this habit.

I know the snooze is ridiculous. If I have the mental ability to be in the habit of recognizing that I can get a substandard workout in with three slaps of snooze or if I go to five slaps I can just skip the workout, then I should be able to to get up with the first one.

It's time. NO MORE SNOOZE for Happy mind knows this is the right thing to do but it still roars a big fat:



No matter, its time to drag myself out of the bed and remember the feeling of this morning.

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