Monday, July 20, 2009

Off the Charts

June 18

It is hard to believe that Little Guy will be one month old tomorrow. It does not seem possible. Didn't we just get home? Big Poppy and I will be taking Little Guy to his one month appointment today.

Every talks about how quickly babies grow. Little Guy is no exception. It is unreal how quickly he has changed. Less than a month ago he was just a little baby (look here at The beginnings) and now...well he is still our little baby but someone has been shrinking his clothes.

While Little Guy was getting some love from Jeter it became very apparent that the washing machine was making Little Guy appear bigger than he was. The little jacket sleeves no longer reach his wrist and to help maintain a cool body temperature, the slacks are now manpris (think capris for guys).

Despite how sweet the little outfit, with matching hat, was, Little Guy was none too pleased to be wearing something that the washer shrunk. He did not take long to let me know that he was over the outfit.

There is no doubt about it, Little Guy does not rock the manpris. While his style is still being defined, manpris are not in his near future. The washer and I are going to have a little talk about the case of the shrinking close (It's not just Little Guy's clothes that get shrunk sometimes. It has also happened to Big Poppy and Happy Mom).

With a quick change into clothes that fit properly, all three of us are off to the pediatrician. There we hear the most mind blowing news.

The washer has not shrunk Little Guy's clothes (it is debatable on the washer's involvement with Big Poppy and myself). Instead there has been a HUGE growth spurt.

The Vitals at One Month:
Height: 22 2/8' (75 percentile)
Weight: 9 lbs 9 oz (50 percentile)
Head Size: 37 8/10 cm (25-50 percentile)

With a quick referral to the ears, nose and throat doctor (more to come here but not to worry, Little Guy is just fine), a clean bill of health and a quick note to keep doing what we are doing the one month appointment comes to an end.

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