Saturday, August 8, 2009

It's my party...

Part III

July 21

"The Final Event"

All great triologies must come to an end and the welcoming Little Guy to our family and friends with a special party just for him must come to an end too.

The ladies at my office had a party for Little Guy. There was much love and some, umm, interesting games. If you ever want to be turned off from candy bars, just play the poopy diaper game. It will be a little while before I am ready to eat a candy bar again. Smelling diapers that have the warm chocolate and carmel smell lingering in the air, that is just too much for the brain to understand.

Little Guy may already have a girlfriend.

One of my co-workers had her little girl the day after Little Guy. She has the cutest little nose and I think Little Guy noticed. I'm probably going to have to make sure Little Guy isn't sneaking out of his crib at night to go visit her.

Take a look for yourself. Don't they look sweet together?

Birth dates are May 20 and May 19, respectively.

And they both seem to know where the camera is and to look right into it.

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