Thursday, August 20, 2009

Horse Bets, Older Girls and looking for Bobby Jones

August 13

Have you ever wondered how my co-workers and I keep our language so clean between January 1 to April 15? Increased stress levels can lead to naughty words slipping out. To help keep the language clean we have “The Cuss Cup”.

The rules are normally straightforward. Most naughty words cost you a quarter. If the F one comes out, it will cost you 50 cents. On the days you roll out of bed and just know that today is going to be a bad day, a mere $5 you get an exception. I say the rules are normally straightforward because there is some debate on how to define naughty words. Apparently, there are some words that would have meant ivory soap in my mouth as a child that might not be a naughty word for one person but it would be a naughty word to someone else. The different rules for different “Cuss Cup” participants are part of the fun and I am digressing.

You may be surprised on how we use the proceeds of “The Cuss Cup” funds. We go to the horse track. Picture a bunch of CPA’s looking at the odds, debating how to bet the trifecta and then going to the window to place the $2 minimum bet. What wild risk takers we are! We have a fun evening of betting, eating and enjoying each other.

This year, Little Guy came along. He did not bring any winning luck nor did he pick any winners but he did learn some good math skills on odds, ratios and payouts. When Little Guy starts running numbers in kindergarten, I know exactly which partner to bail him out of jail.

Little Guy was not alone in his inaugural “Cuss Cup” horse betting event. My co-worker RCJ also decided to increase the chances of a gambling addiction in her little girl by bringing her to the track too. Now, little MAK is an older girl. I mean, she was soooo born in 2008. Little Guy was a bit shy around her at first (look at how well MAK poses for the camera).

However, it did not take Little Guy long to decide to reach out and touch MAK and that seemed to concern her – maybe because her daddy was right there watching very closely to Little Guy's moves.

During all the fun at the horse track Big Poppy was out searching for the next Bobby Jones. For the day, Big Poppy joined the PGA. OK, he was actually watching the PGA, in person. Big Poppy was walking the same 18 holes as Tiger Woods. I think it would be great if Big Poppy could walk and play the same 18 holes as Tiger. I could handle Big Poppy coming in second at a few of those tournaments.

Hmmm, maybe I should perfect my driving and then he could be happy with me coming in second in a few LPGA tournaments. I now have weekend plans.

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