Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A Room of His Own

August 10

Little Guy's room is almost complete. Big Poppy and I just need to hang some items on the walls to give it a more homey feeling and then...well I guess we will start to use the monitor that is charging.

It seems like it is time for Little Guy to move into his own room. He is sleeping through the night. The books tell you that sleeping patterns developed now will help in the future...but it doesn't mean it makes all that ready to do the happy dance.

While we know it's the right thing to do it doesn't make the transition from the cradle in our room to a crib in Little Guy's room any easier. While he doesn't say much, the fact that Big Poppy has not hooked up the camera for the video feed on our monitor (a must have for me - I got spoiled while EB and family were staying with us) tells me know that Big Poppy isn't quite ready for the big change either.

We are going on a road trip this weekend (August 22). I venture to guess when we return the monitor will be hooked up for real. The transition will begin. While I so enjoy watching Little Guy getting so big, there are times when it is a little sad.

Little Guy's room is all boy. I know some friends were not so impressed with the color change of the room from greens to blue and brown. Here are some sneak peeks to the work we Big Poppy has done. Well, maybe I can get some credit on this one even though I did not do too much of the work. I was the designer. I normally get my hands involved in all aspects of the remodel, but this time I kept my hands on Little Guy while Big Poppy did all the major lifting.

This will be Little Guy's bed in his new room.

Little Guy's crib needs bedding. I know, not very exciting but I figured he could grow with this bedding and the wall decor could change from baby to toddle.

Big Poppy did a very nice job installing a decorate ledge around most of the room. The ledge will be perfect to some of Little Guy's prize possessions.

Big Poppy even did a nice job with the corners and ends of the decorative ledge. I guess all the griping I did on the molding on our kitchen cabinets paid off. :)


  1. This room is beautiful.....No little boy could ask for more than this

  2. The room looks good! Nice work big poppy!


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