Thursday, August 20, 2009

Double the Fun

August 19

Big Poppy tried to help me this morning. When the alarm went off, he gave me a quick kick in his efforts to help me overcome my snooze button addiction.

I politely told him “NO, it’s raining.” I guess we both forgot about the treadmill.

The snooze button may have won today but I will prevail.

Today is Little Guy’s 3-month birthday! It was a day packed full.

Lunch with RCJ (little MAK’s mom) and JGR (turned me on to Twilight). Little Guy slept through 95% of our time together. After lunch, I wanted to take Little Guy for some photo but they could not take us until 2 pm. No problem, we will just run across the street to Pottery Barn for the shelves above the desk in Little Guy’s room.

When we returned for photo’s it looked like this out.

We sat in the car for 20 minutes (good thing we were early coming back) waiting for the rain to let up. I can only imagine how I looked, running with Little Guy in his car seat, covered up with a blanket, with my purse, diaper bag and a couple stuffed animals that I wanted in some pictures.

There was a mirror and I saw that I did indeed look beautiful. I looked like I stepped into my morning shower fully clothed. Thankfully, Little Guy was completely dry.

Little Guy giggled away while the pictures were taken. He is ever the cutey and the pictures will support my claim. I can pick the pictures up on August 31…

Traffic driving back home was slow moving. Why is it the rain and snow make everyone ride their brakes? Little Guy and I were in a hurry to get back home. My DC Gal is in town and is coming over for supper. It would have been nice to clean up the mail from the kitchen and receipts from the dining room table before she arrived. It did not happen. DC Gal saw my home in its “lived in” state.

For Little Guy’s 3-month birthday, Big Poppy baked a few cookies for us. Imagine warm, chocolate chip cookies fresh from the oven after feasting on fish tacos AND catching up with DC Gal AND Little Guy is 3-months old. Big Poppy and I are ever grateful for the life we have.

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