Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Winds of Change

The winds of change are blowing our way.

Or maybe the winds are just trying to blow us away.

At any rate, there are some fun and exciting changes taking place is the house that Big Poppy built.

Little Guy is in transition. This is his final week of "infant" care and has been spending this week split between the older infant room and the toddle room. This next move means he gets to play outside every day. It also means no more sippy cup - well at least at school. I am not quite sure if I am ready for a big boy cup and the messes it brings. Then again, I am betting it will be like everything else. Little Guy will start to notice Big Poppy's cups do not have a top. Heaven forbid Little Guy does not do something exactly like Big Poppy!

The fierce independence all kids like to display is also coming our way. On those rare occassions Big Poppy and I do tell Little Guy no we are rewarded with Little Guy letting us know how he feels about the situation. I do admit I find it comical to see the frustration or tears over minor things. It is even funnier when Little Guy realizes that approach is not going to work and he shoots you a look - you know the look. The one that says: I'll get my way some how. Just you wait and see.

Yes, the wind is definately blowing change our way. I wonder what else will blow our way.

Could it be Little Guy's Halloween gear? Will he fly in on a broomstick, magic carpet or wings?

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Not Now

There are the rare occassions when Little Guy is not an angel. I am almost positive there is something wrong with his ears that causes him not hear what we are saying.

Take a look below. At the 17 month mark I tried to get a nice picture of Little Guy and Jeter.

I heard Little Guy loud and clear.

Not Now!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Let the Guessing Begin

Are you ready for the ghost and goblins?

How about all the candy that will flow in and out of your home?

Little Guy has his creepy crawly all picked out.

Can you guess what he has in mind this Halloween?

Monday, October 11, 2010

Weekend Fun

Did you have this much fun?

Going to swim class.

Big Poppy and Little Guy are in the center.

Going to hockey with good friends.
Happy Mom and Little Guy are ready for hockey, however there were some in shorts, at a HOCKEY game.

Going to an apple orchard.

Low hanging fruit is tasty.

Happy to be on the great pumpkin hunt.

Little Guy was very happy to look for his perfect pumpkin.

Searching for the pumpkin that fits you just right.

Big Poppy and Little Guy search the pumpkin patch for the best one to bring home.

Not being afraid of walking for miles to find a pumpkin to bring home.

Little Guy kept on moving looking for a pumpkin that spoke to him. Does anyone else find it funny we went to an apple orchard to get a pumpkin? We did pick up some apples.

Finding the best pumpkin to bring home.

Little Guy tried to get a bigger pumpkin but really liked the ones he could pick up to show Big Poppy.

Did you have that much fun?

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Just Like Brett

I might be just like Brett. (For all you Vikes fans, guess which team he will officially retire with before heading off to the hall of fame.)

As I was saying, I might be just like Brett.

We are both on the other side of 30 although I can honestly say I'm in my younger 30's (at least for a little while longer).

We both like to hear people love us and want us.

We both enjoy fall sports, so much so that perhaps we are playing past our prime.

I had this thought on Saturday at our co-ed football game. Or maybe my similarity to Brett popped into my mind yesterday. If my memory serves, and it may fail from time to time, on Saturday I had a feeling I was more like Peyton. In the huddle, determining who I would throw the ball to (I'm not a great QB but in a forced gender play I can get the job done and, well, we had a few too many forced gender plays on Saturday) and knowing when I was going to connect for a first down or a touchdown. I imagine, there are times when Peyton just knows, this is going to be a big play.

A comparison to Peyton's play may be a bit of a leap but after my embarrassing and shameful showing on the softball field on Friday (it caused Little Guy to cry), Saturday morning was the perfect confidence builder. I got the job done and then some. As we speak recruiters are checking on my college eligibility...or maybe not. But I had a great game and was disappointed Little Guy missed my redemption (Big Poppy and Little Guy were at the college football game with a friend and his son).

And then yesterday, my bubble burst. As I trying every way possible to stretch my arm and shoulder it dawned on me.

I might be just like Brett...the Brett of today.

We are both moving a little slower. Recover times take longer. Throwing shoulders need to be warmed up prior to a game.

Yep, Brett and me. Getting old together - sorta.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Got to Love October

A person really must love October. There are birthday's, anniversaries, excuses to eat candy and so much more. Anyone who does not love October must live a state of depression.

One reason to love October is the post season.

You know - post season baseball.

While we we are not quite there yet, on Sunday we made it out to the final regular season home game with GrandB and a loving family friend. We went there to watch one of our favorite teams.

It was a little chilly and Big Poppy bought Little Guy these:

However, Little Guy has to be just like Big Poppy.

Big Poppy was not wearing gloves therefore Little Guy would not wear gloves.

Something Little Guy would wear is a new hat (as you may have guessed, Big Poppy was wearing a hat).

I tried to let Little Guy know that it is OK to wear a little warmer outer gear in October. It means fall is here and post season play is just around the corner. Many a fan pulls on a hat when it comes to October baseball.

As you can see, Little Guy was over it. Watching a team lose is never fun.

I wonder who he is going to cheer for on Wednesday....
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