Wednesday, July 29, 2009

To the left, to the left please

July 8

Spoiler Alert – Little Guy is just fine (in case you missed that on previous postings Off the Charts and ENT).

Here we are, July 8, and Big Poppy, Little Guy and I will be meeting at one of the branch offices of the local children’s hospital. The ENT doctor has indicated that Little Guy most likely has torticollis. That is why we are here today, to confirm the diagnosis and set-up some physical therapy (PT) treatments.

Big Poppy and Little Guy arrive before I do. What a great impression I’m making! I’m late for the my little sweethearts appointment. On a positive note, this has mortified me and since this date I have not said “just five more minutes” to wrap something up, which would normally force me to drive too fast if I do not want to be late for a family and/or friend function. Yes, I am a changed woman. I leave work and I leave the work at the office. I truly enjoy my career and feel guilty about my clients not getting enough of me, but that guilt is nothing compared to the guilt I feel if I don’t get my Little Guy and Big Poppy time. But, I digress (and I am thinking how great it is going to be starting on Friday when I will be working even less!).

Little Guy’s cute (ask Big Poppy or Little Guy, they will agree) physical therapist is doing the once over, twice over and maybe even three times over. I’m a little nervous because at this point, the once golf ball size pump on the side of Little Guy’s neck is now no longer visible and so small that it is hard to feel when you put your hand on his neck. I am not nervous because it has gone away. I am thinking that the medical profession is going think that Big Poppy and I have Munchausen by proxy syndrome because there has not much of an indication, except for the original peds visit, that there is actually anything wrong with Little Guy. Someone is going to note this in Little Guy’s medical file and then if he is ever in need of something dire, they will be slow to respond to the real need. I tend to worry too much. I’ll work on that flaw next year.

The physical therapist tells us that Little Guy has a very slight, less that 2% off from what should be his center alignment. He definitely favors turning his head to the right but it is not painful to turn to the left. She gives us some stretching to do with Little Guy to help lengthen the muscle and get Little Guy aligned properly. And then she sends us on a merry way.

Relief and embarrassment of wasting the ENT and physical therapists time when they could be seeing someone that really needed it wash over me. Big Poppy and I have been stretching Little Guy one to two times a day as prescribed. He still favors the turning to the right and I find myself singing at times, To the Left, which drives me a little batty. I’m more of a Nickelback kind of girl.

Oh well. Let them think Big Poppy and I are slightly crazy. Better safe than sorry.

Picture taken a couple weeks ago, but on my phone he looks like a doll!

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