Sunday, July 26, 2009

We Are Family

July 2 - 5

The 4th of July has always been a time for family to come back to my hometown. The high school even does the class reunions that weekend. A little birdie mentioned that it was my 15 year class reunion. I thought they were kidding, there is no way I am old enough to be out of high school for 15 years but I played along and decided to go the reunion more because I was going to be there than for any other reason. It was the perfect weekend to show off Little Guy to my family.

July 2 we had a quick appointment for Little Guy then we headed off to the heartland. We buckled Little Guy up in the car seat and he seemed a little bored with the entire situation. What do you think?

We broke the trip up and stayed with my Aunt and her family five hours into the trip. I think that my two cousins fell in love with Little Guy, well according to Soy, he wasn’t all that crazy about Little Guy at first because he doesn’t do that much. I have to admit that Soy is right but in Little Guy’s defense, I don’t know very many babies that are ready to toss the ball around yet. After the warm up period for Soy, he and Little Guy got along very well. Soy was even in charge of picking out pj’s and outfits while he was around.

GrandB had gotten Little Guy these pj’s complete with hat and coat. Little Guy was all decked out for bedtime. We didn’t make Little Guy were the coat or hat to bed but it looked pretty cute on. Big Poppy and I would have been able to trek across the frozen tundra with Little Guy…well, that might be stretching the truth.

On July 3, Big Poppy, Little Guy and I made our way to the class reunion. I had an outfit all ready to Little Guy off in. You can see the shorts below but I failed to take a picture with the “All American Boy” shirt. I love the shirt and need to get him in a few more times and post a picture. The reunion was small and late, I guess my classmates and friends have not mastered the art of a watch. :) It was nice to see old friends again. We might try this class reunion thing out again in the future.

The 4th of July means parade. Little Guy wanted to make sure everyone knew he was the hometown hero and insisted on wearing a shirt telling everyone. Right now I cannot resist what Little Guy asks for and Big Poppy is glad that Little Guy hasn’t been asking me for a new car yet.

Have you ever wondered how a 6 week old enjoys the parade?

It is not like some of his cousins scrambling with joy for candy. Instead, despite all the commotion, all the marching bands and floats, Little Guy enjoyed his first parade oblivious to his surroundings.

One of my cousins has a new little boy too. Her boy is 6 weeks older than Little Guy. My Grandpa had us put both boys on the floor so he could compare them. They look like they will be great friends.

I think the reason Grandpa wanted the side-by-side comparison was so he knew which one to hold in which arm. Grandpa looks pretty happy with his new great grandson’s.

On the 5th, it was time for Big Poppy, Little Guy and I to make the trek back home. We have a seven hour drive ahead of us but we haven’t taken the picture I have been waiting to take. Here’s Grandpa, Happy Mom and Little Guy (Little Guy’s outfit was a gift from Soy).

We made it home just fine (it that wasn’t obvious from my ability to post). We did normal (read dull) things that need to be done. If anyone wants to come over and do laundry, clean house or mow the lawn, come on over any time. It was an early night for Big Poppy’s castle; we went to bed around 11:30. Big Poppy dressed Little Guy and when I went over to kiss and tuck Little Guy I could not help but laugh. Just a few weeks before, these pj’s were way too big for Little Guy and now the pj’s don’t quite make it to his knees AND Big Poppy left Little Guy in them. I was rolling. See for yourself.

I don't think Little Guy likes the short pants.

Though he doesn't seem to mind it here.

But all I can think of is when Little Guy wore it a few weeks ago and we had to roll the pj's to have them fit.

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