Monday, July 6, 2009

The First Days

The first days are surreal. It is hard to think that one minute Big Poppy and I are a couple of DINK’s and the next we are holding this special little guy in our arms. All babies fuss a little, we know this, but I’m quite certain that no two people have ever jumped up to answer the fuss quite as quickly as we have.

After the early morning breakfast, it usually commences at 5 am, Big Poppy brings the little guy into bed and snuggles. I cannot describe the wonder I see and feel between the connection of Big Poppy and our little guy (he’s referred to as little guy because we are waiting for his personality to let us know what his nickname should be). Big Poppy literally lights up and smiles. Oh does he smile and that is saying something from his normal stoic self – he has a killer poker face at all times normally.

Some of my favorite pictures are the ones of Big Poppy and the little guy snuggling in the morning. This is the first of many pictures I have taken. What I cannot believe in this one is how big the little guy looks. I see it and this Happy Mom is amazed that it was taken on May 31. It will be interesting to see if in a few years this I how the little guy looks.

That picture is a bit of an anomaly. Our little guy looks like a peaceful baby. Even during his first bath with us.
And look how fresh and clean he looks afterwards.

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