Tuesday, July 14, 2009

June 11

June 11

This Thursday morning started out like any other day.

Big Poppy and I stared at the precious little guy in our lives and hearts forever.

After taking a quick inventory of everything that our fine living had to offer we determined that it was time for a Costco run for some more formula. Let me tell you, Costco is crazy. Love saving money, not a big fan of everyone else wanting to do save money at the same time as me.

A quick walk back to the baby items and Big Poppy and I have found what we are looking for to help our little guy grow big, strong, healthy and smart. I figure we have time to kill. It's not like we need to rush off to the movie or anything, and start looking at all the baby items we can purchase, mentally running the price per ounce/diaper/wipe through my head (I have forgotten that the nice little signs will do this for you).

What does It's a Wonderful Life teach us? Every time a bell rings, an angel gets its wings...well my phone sounds a little like bells. Right there in Costco, Big Poppy and I hear the bells again. On the other line are best sounding words (after hearing a wonderful slightly bigger angel had selected us of course). You can go home!

Big Poppy and I quickly determine that we have enough formula to get us home the next day and put back the formula. Next we are on our phones calling GrandC/GrandB and AuntT (I'm working a more suitable nickname for my sister-in-law - both of them actually - family tree will develop over time) letting them know we are flying home TOMORROW.

Back at our home away from home, Big Poppy notice that both the little guy and the Happy Mom are all smiles.

No one should comment that it's "just gas". He's happy to fly home and meet the rest of the family. Trust me, I know.
This is how excited our little guy looked when we told him we would be driving all the way home. We did not make that drive but it was fun to see the look of surprise on his face.

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