Thursday, July 16, 2009

Trains, Planes and Automobiles...otherwise known as the trip home

June 12

Who can ever forget Steve Martin and John Candy in Trains, Planes and Automobiles. I admit that Big Poppy finds more humor in the flick than I do but after receiving clearance to go home this classic comedy came to mind. What would go wrong with two very new parents and a newborn on the return trip home.

Are you sitting down while you are reading this?

Big Poppy, Happy Mom and our little guy had no trouble at all. It was smooth sailing...err, flying.

After returning the our car rental it was a short shuttle ride to the airport terminal. Up to this point Big Poppy and I are thinking, this is not so bad. We can do this. By now you are probably wondering what big even happened. A baby on a plane, wait, a newborn on a plane, something had to go wrong.

As you can see...
Who can see the emblem on his shirt?

Waiting for the boarding call was quite taxing on the little guy.

There was the take off and all the ear popping. Not a problem.

Landing and ear popping. Again not a problem.

The landing and trip to the terminal gate looked a little like this:

Yes, there is the big flaw in the travel. Big Poppy needed to change our little guys clothes. During a diaper change the little guy let loose a little more than planned and Big Poppy did not get the diaper to cover the spray fast enough.

In Big Poppy's defense, after we landed I took a quick trip to the bathroom and had the same thing happen. You got to really watch those little boys!

We were all greeted at the airport by our favorite niece and AuntT (we are still working on those nicknames). Big Poppy and I hear from our favorite niece - come on now, she's our only niece but will always be our favorite niece because she was first - calling out "I got to see him. I GOT to see him." Have I mentioned that our favorite niece is just about 3?

Well, NieceK (until those darn nicknames fall into place) let's me know about every 15 seconds that she has got to see him. In between letting me know this demand we are also hearing, where is he, how long until I can see him and "I GOT to see him". She said this a lot and it was darn cute.

At home our good friend Steffey is waiting after mowing our lawn in her work clothes, including work shoes. Steffey claims to have forgotten to bring along tennis shoes but I think she wanted the neighbors to talk. :)

Shortly after arrival home (oh, it is a sweet, sweet home) NieceK and Steffey hold our little guy.

With joy in her face, NieceK says: "Happy Mom! I like him! Let's keep him!" And so it was further decided, he's a keeper and instantly part of our entire family (as if there was any doubt).

NieceK is a big help. She really enjoys feeding our little guy.

And so it begins, after a plane ride and car rides, our family is home.

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