Monday, July 6, 2009

June 4 - The Long Awaited Day Is Here

This is the day we have been waiting for. It is the day that made the hotel living feel natural (that will soon change, just wait) and Big Poppy and I could easily ignore all the eating out and washing clothes every other day. It was the day that one of our angel's allowed our little guy to become part of our life.

The day started out normal. Snuggle time (I probably will not get away with too many more of these pictures before Big Poppy decides to learn to edit:)).

After snuggles there were outings. Our little guy spent some time with our slightly bigger angel while Big Poppy and I went looking at cribs. For us, the time could not come quickly enough to meet up again and bring the little guy back into our arms.

After the paper work, our joy was multiplied even more. I did not know it was possible and it continues to amaze me how each day brings even more happiness to our lives.
This is our first family picture.

And here is the joy in Big Poppy's face that I cannot get enough of.

And of course, who cannot help but love this little guy.

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