Friday, July 10, 2009

Chilling in California

June 5 - 7

After the big day, Big Poppy and I both noticed that we had been holding in some tension. It was just the anxious nerves waiting for everything to come together. It was not a large amount of tension but it felt good to have our shoulders relax down.

The next few days were just spent:

Staring at our beautiful, I mean handsome, baby boy.

Preparing to head off to our first baseball game...

Only to have a spit up mid picture (can you see it coming from his mouth?). So it was a quick custom change for the little guy.

The little guy must have been happier with this choice because the outfit lasted the night. (Take a peak at the pacifier in the mouth. )

We got to enjoy a few innings of baseball eight rows up behind home plate for $10. This may be our cheapest night out ever.

We returned to our home away from home early in the night due to the cold California air. Who knew we needed our Midwest clothing in June?

And just having cheesy grins with our little guy.

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