Sunday, July 19, 2009

Jeter Love

It was great to sleep in our own bed. It is amazing how you can miss the little things in life sometimes. I missed my pillow. Sleeping that first night home was almost heaven. Oh how I missed that pillow.

Our Little Guy slept rather well thanks to GrandB. She had the cradle all set up in our room and he seemed to enjoy it just fine.

With all the craziness of flying home and meeting AuntT (nickname TBD), Steffey and Energizer Bunny (EB for short = our beautiful niece/cousin), one family member did not get the opportunity to properly inspect the Little Guy. Jeter, our American Eskimo, who is such a little lover himself, did not get the chance to spend much time with our Little Guy.

If you cannot tell from the photo, Jeter is a white fluff ball and kids always want to play with him. Our Little Guy will have such fun with Jeter and Jeter loves to play soon as the Little Guy gets his crawl on.

Jeter gave Little Guy the proper head smell and was generally checking out the situation. At this point, Jeter is a little confused. For two weeks he has been with other family members and has met family with the big Texas draw (who he fell in love with) and then Big Poppy and I return with this new smell.

Little Guy passed the Jeter inspection. Within moments there is Jeter Love. Little Guy has won over another heart.

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