Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Big Poppy's Day

This was Big Poppy's first father's day! Little Guy and I made a fabulous breakfast, with a little help from Panera Bread (yummy in my tummy). After a quick round of opening presents, I am a little sad that Big Poppy will always have one more Father's Day celebration in comparison to my Mother's Day celebrations (oh, wait, everyday is a celebration for me - and the crowd groans), we are off to Big Poppy's grandpa's for a little family gathering.

At Great-Grandpa's home we are met by GrandB and one of her lovely sisters. There are presents for Little Guy and Father's Day and MOTHER'S Day cards from Big Poppy's auntie. What a surprise! I guess I should not pout so loudly next time.

After more family arrives, it is picture time.

The Main Attraction Family (at least in my mind)

Little Guy Checking Out GrandC
Great-Grandpa (GrandB's dad) Checking Out Little Guy

Four Generations: GrandC, Big Poppy, Great-Grandpa (GrandC's dad) and Little Guy

All in all, I think Big Poppy's first Father's Day was a success, mostly because he started the day with a nice breakfast that Little Guy and I slaved over.

Happy Belated Father's Day to all!

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