Thursday, January 14, 2010

Time Management aka Choice Management

I received this in an email at work. I have always firmly believed this and thought it would be useful to pass along. I cannot give proper credit to the author - if you know feel free to let me know I'll update to give credit. I know it comes from a monthly newsletter.

Time Management aka Choice Management

It's a great time of year to write about time management, especially since I don't believe there is such a thing. How many hours in a day do you have? 24? I know that to be true! can you ever say, "When I have more time..." or "When I make the time..." or "When I find the time..."

I'd like to meet the person with that formula and retire rich.

What you do have is choice! You choose to get up an hour earlier and work out or you choose to sleep in. You choose to stay up an hour later and read a book or you choose to go to sleep. You choose to work on the weekend or you choose to stay home and play with your kids. Let's call a spade a spade here and admit that what you do or do not "have time for" is merely an excuse for owning your choices to not make it a priority. OK, OK, you can call it priority management or choice management but for heaven's sake get off the time management bandwagon. Stop buying all the books, all the organizers and own your time choices. When you do, magic will happen. You will see that you have miraculously "found" the time to accomplish more meaningful things in your life. It's all about life management. Now that's shrewd!

What choices are you making with your time?


  1. Yes. All in all, it is how we take our time to make the right choices.


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