Friday, January 22, 2010

New Workout

Ever get tired of the same old workout routine? Well I have a new workout for you. Really it comes from Little Guy, but he has yet to start writing so I'll help him out. To Little Guy it is called "Outta my way, I'm on a mission," but you can call it the Army Crawl.

To start, lie on the ground face down. Extend your left or right arm out as far as you can reach, then pull the rest of your body ahead without lifting off the ground or using your other hand to push. Think it's easy? Whether he's on smooth flooring or carpet, Little Guy moves ahead with ease. As for me, I manage to move on the wood floor, but the carpet...forget about it. Let's just say a snail would win the race and I'd still be at the start line.

Little Guy has just reminded me of how out of shape I am, how about you? Who says you can't learn anything from a baby? Happy Exercising!!

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