Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Pinch Hitting

Please bear with me as this is officially my (Big Poppy) first attempt at blogging. In order to keep our friends and family up to date with Little Guy, occasionally I need to pinch hit for Happy Mom. Little Guy is now 8 months old and becoming more and more active by the day. Here he is posing for his 8 month b-day with Jeter.

 Hmmm.....what should my first blog be about? How about responsibilities and babysitting? On two separate occasions I was posed with a similar question and my answer for one was responsibilities and the other was babysitting. Both were followed by laugther. Here's how the first conversation went; my cousin, from now on referred to as Half Pint, asked me if I would be making it to basketball? My response was "I can't make it because I have responsibilities." Half Pint laughed hysterically. I was somewhat dumbfounded. Since when is taking care of your son not a responsibility?

The second conversation took place weeks later with a friend, from now on referred to as Postal. Postal asks, "So you gonna make it to basketball this week?" I responded, "No I can't make it, I'm babysitting." Postal laughed and said, since when is watching your own kid, babysitting? I kinda get his point, but then again, why isn't it an appropriate response. Little Guy technically is a baby isn't he?

My response to Half Pint and Postal was to laugh and say, whatever!! I like both of my answers and it won't be the last time either are used. The bottom line is these two should be thankful I have responsibilities or need to babysit, as opposed to years past, so they don't get embarrassed on the court! :)

In all seriousness, call it responsibilities, babysitting, or what have you, I wouldn't trade spending time alone with Little Guy for anything. Little Guy is already starting to be less dependent on Happy Mom and I. Well, I guess it just means he'll be helping out with chores sooner.


  1. I just can't get over his cheeks!!! So cute!


  2. Nicely done first post! I did giggle a bit when I read you were babysitting ~ um your own baby. B also says this, but how is it I'm home all day with the kids, but I'm not babysitting? Ha ~ thanks for the smile!


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