Monday, January 11, 2010

So Far, So Good

So far things are good. So good!

Life keeps getting better and better.

Just when I think, this it, I can’t be in a better place.

It happens. It gets better.

Don’t get me wrong, I can find plenty to complain about but really, my complaints are nothing. I could complain about:

1. The cold and I mean COLD weather but why? I live here, I could move and without the cold I couldn’t play broomball with Big Poppy on Saturday’s.

2. My aching back but whose fault it is that it aches? Mine of course. I know the best way to keep back pain away is to get my workouts in and I have chosen more often than not lately to stay snuggled into bed instead of getting a workout in.

3. The lack of smiles and hello’s from people in the morning but what have I given out to others? Before I complain I should consider if the appropriate amount of morning coffee has been consumed AND have I smiled and said hello.

Instead, I’m looking at what makes things so good. Like this past weekend:

1. Little Guy got to spend time with GrandB and GrandC while Big Poppy and I played broomball in the cold.

2. Big Poppy, Little Guy and I were able to attend a hockey game with Uncle Park-it and Favorite Niece (I changed her name, it fits better).

3. I got a knitting refresher and can click my needles along with other beginners again.

4. Little Guy is so happy. HAPPY! might be a better way to describe it. His smile warms your heart and his favorite new game it to put his arms out to be passed between Big Poppy and I, give a hug and then be passed back.

5. It’s very cute to see Little Guy put his arms out to Jeter, expecting to be picked up and hugged, but instead getting a quick kiss (followed by several more).

So Far, So Good.

What more can you say when you have so much good in your life? I believe in karma, especially when it’s convenient. Keep the happy, correct the unhappy, and keep moving along. And keep in mind:


  1. Oh my goodness - that face is just too cute!!! Look at his little teethies!!


  2. Sounds like a lovely weekend. Hmmm, I should get my knitting needles back out.


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