Friday, January 29, 2010

8 Month Update

Since we won't know the official vitals for Little Guy for another month, I am going to give you a quick update. In a few weeks Little Guy will be graduating to the Infant 2 room at daycare....I mean school. :) There are three Infant rooms. The third being for those nearing 15 months. Little Guy has gotten to spend a day hear and there in Infant 2, to get him acclimated. He has enjoyed each visit as the pace is more his style.

Just the other day Little Guy and I shared a laugh, but it was at the expense of an innocent boy in the Infant 3 room. I was carrying Little Guy and on our way out I caught a glance of a little boy standing against the glass in Infant 3. I couldn't resist laughing because the thought popped in my head to stand Little Guy on the ground. I am certain Little Guy would have towered over him and he's nearly twice his age. I felt bad about laughing and didn't want to scare the little boy, so Little Guy and I kept on our way.

Although we don't have an official height and weight, all we need to know is that Little Guy is still on pace to be a Little Giant! He is healthy, strong, and full of laughter and smiles. I am predicting at his current growth pace, Little Guy's hands and feet will be the same size as Happy Mom's once he turns 3. Happy Mom is very excited at the prospect of sharing someone's shoes. (Sometimes she is such a girl. :))

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