Tuesday, January 5, 2010


I am begining to think Little Guy may be a poser. A camera poser that is.

Let me give you a recent example. Like any good mommy, I decided to branch out Little Guy's food selection. I made him peaches. Who doesn't like peaches? They are sweet. They are tasty. They are peaches. The first time Little Guy ate bananas we could not shovel them in fast enough (that is still the case).

Given how much Little Guy enjoys bananas, I thought peaches would be a slam dunk.

How wrong I was. Little Guy tried to prove me wrong.

I tried to give peaches Little Guy. He refused. A head turn to the right and mouth claped shut.

Big Poppy made faces to get Little Guy to laugh and allow me to sneak peaches into his mouth. Little Guy laughed until the spoon came near. Then the mouth flew shut and Little Guy gave me the stink-eye.

And then I remembered, the camera. Any time the camera comes out Little Guy strikes a pose and usually something fitting for the situation. This was no different.

There are no signs of Little Guy's refusal to eat peaches.

You would never guess any time the camera was put down this poser sealed his mouth tight.

I mean, Little Guy's mouth could not be wedged open for anything...except the camera of course.

How many pictures does it take to finish peaches for breakfast? 17.

The lesson we learned. Little Guy will do anything we want with a camera around. He is a great poser.

Side Note: Little Guy eats peaches just fine after this first taste day. No camera needed.

Side Note 2: On the same day of the tasty peaches, Little Guy had cauliflower for the first time. No camera needed and Little Guy wolfed them down. What kind of kid prefers the taste of cauliflower over peaches?


  1. Hahaha!!! The babe is the same with bananas...just can't get um in fast enough!


  2. Super Cute! Hilarious about the cauliflower!


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