Friday, September 18, 2009

Tough Little Guy

This morning marked Little Guy’s four-month appointment. Not that it came to a big surprise to Big Poppy or me, the pediatrician remarked more than once how great Little Guy is and he is the picture of what we want to see in his development. Little Guy is more than picture perfect. In case you were wondering, I got it right from the doctor’s mouth.

The Vitals at Four Months:
Height: 26” (90 percentile)
Weight: 17 lbs 15 oz (95 percentile)
Head Size: 42.4 cm (50 percentile)
(Do you need a refresher on Little Guy’s vitals at birth, one month or two months?)

This time around, the nurse measured Little Guy’s height twice. She was could not believe Little Guy jumped two percentiles! I was not surprised. Big Poppy and I have been feeding and feeding and feeding our little boy. Thank goodness, we can now add rice cereal to his diet. Maybe now Little Guy will stop trying to eat his fist.

The appointment also brought round two, three and four shots. Waiting for round two, Little Guy was all smiles even if it was a little cool in the doctor’s office.

There were tears again but Little Guy is tough. Within minutes, Little Guy was all smiles again and it was time to move on to round three and four shots.

Round three and four were for Big Poppy and I. For the first time ever we received the flu shot. I am happy to announce that there were no tears from me…Big Poppy did not cry either.

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  1. Oh my little bug had her 4 month on 11/11 and I was shocked to see that is in the 5th (you read that correctly) percentile in almost everything...she is just a little peanut!


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