Monday, September 21, 2009

Are You Ready...

for some football?

Saturday marked the first home game that Big Poppy, Little Guy and I were able to enjoy. Aunt Steffey (not pictured) and Cord were able to join us. We arrived in plenty of time for kick off.

Some of us did not find kick off as exciting as others.

After a 10 minute power nap, Little Guy joined us for most of the game. (There was another 10 minute power nap in the fourth quarter.) The victory was not ours but the new OUTDOOR stadium made the loss a little more bearable.

If the smiles and pink cheeks are any indication, I do believe the first ever football game was a hit. Big Poppy, Aunt Steffey and I learned that if we are having our little boys in shorts to stay cool, it probably means that we should not be wearing blue jeans. It was HOT!

All the fresh air and great company made it hard for Little Guy nap. True to his personality, he did not let it dampen his mood. Saturday night - Little Guy slept soundly for 10 hours!

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  1. Looks like fun! Super cute picture of Little guy taking in the game errrr.... back of his eyelids:)


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