Monday, September 14, 2009

Where Did They Go?

This past week was atypical for Little Guy. He hardly ever cries or fusses and is happy and friendly with just about everyone. The biggest exception to being friendly with everyone is when Little Guy is worn-out. Then either Big Poppy or I have the Midas touch.

When Little Guy’s cries woke us in the wee morning on Tuesday, it seemed peculiar but decided that while Big Poppy and I find Little Guy perfect that maybe he still had a small number of imperfections to work out. No biggie. As Tuesday progressed with a fussy Little Guy, we chalked his sour attitude to his early morning rise.

Do you know what follows Tuesday? Wednesday and this particular Wednesday was much like Tuesday. Big Poppy and I started to speculate what could be wrong. Sourness is not Little Guy we know and love. Then it dawned on us.

Our weekend houseguests had disappeared. Gone was the extra love that Little Guy was getting at all times. Gone were the constant arms that would wrap him up tights. Gone were the trips around the city. Gone was all the extra attention that Little Guy enjoys to have.

With the long Labor Day weekend, my Aunt and her family came to join us. This is quite a feat because for a couple years now, Big Poppy and I were convinced vehicles from my home state could not travel into my current state. It was like there was a border patrol that said you can enter SD from anywhere but to enter MN you cannot have SD license plates. I think with global economy, the free trade movement and the fiscal nightmare most states currently have, the border control has ceased, at least temporarily.

Bring out the party hats. My family came to town. Big Poppy, Little Guy, Jeter and I had a wonderful time.

We do worry about the Rangers fan but assume you cannot teach an old dog new tricks.

At the science museum, we took a trip to the past with the Titanic exhibit. There was much to see and touch. One part of the exhibit has an iceberg for you to feel. Do you remember science from middle school? Salt water has a lower freezing temperature. The iceberg was colder that we are even use to in the Frozen Tundra.

Labor Day weekend also brought out the football. We divided the teams. Soy’s Average Joe’s took on Happy Mom’s All-Stars. It was a lot of fun. Let’s just say that if the game had not been called, Soy’s team would not have been the winner. However, since the game was called we must call it a draw. Will there be a Thanksgiving rematch? Time will tell.

Even though Little Guy was distraught for a couple days after the family left, we were delighted to have Ranger, Aunt, Syd and Soy join us for the long weekend. Come back soon. We miss and love you!

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