Thursday, September 24, 2009

Thank You! Thank You!

Last week I was checking on my favorite blog. I cannot describe the excitement when I saw that someone had recognized Happy Mama at Ordinary Miracles of Life. Even though I may be bias, I have loved reading about the daily life at Happy Mama's home. More than once, after reading a post I have forwarded the link to a friend because of Happy Mama’s wonderful ideas. She has been an inspiration to families on making our lives darn near perfect.

Reading further reminded me how funny and witty Happy Mama is every day. I nearly fell off my chair when I read that she hearts (don't you think it would be great if I learned how to insert images instead of typing) my blog. Moreover, to be put into the same venue as Hope Studios, which I adore, was mind blowing (I have not ventured over to Mama Kat's yet but I trust Happy Mama's judgment).

I accept the award with gratitude and will strive to be worthy of such an honor. It is probably time to take a lesson from work and reread before posting. Imagine how fun this blog could be with a thought process.

First, I want to thank Happy Mama for her wonderful blog and friendship. Reading your blog is one of my daily joys. It was through your blog that Big Poppy and I decided the best venue for us to stay in touch with our friends and family while having a little fun.

Next, I need to give kudos to Lisa from Smell The Coffee Lisa for recognizing Ordinary Miracles of Life. I am so happy others enjoy Ordinary Miracles of Life as much as I do.

Now for our family and friends, thanks for reading and letting me know what you think. I love sharing our lives with you. Even though there may be miles and miles (or maybe just miles) between our homes, my heart is always thinking of you. It gives me joy to enable you to see more into our daily lives and learn more about what I love (Who was surprised by my love of the Twilight series? I certainly was shocked to find that little tidbit).

My final thank you goes out to my slightly bigger angel. Without the greatest gift ever given to Big Poppy and myself, I would have been content keeping our life to ourselves. These days, I cannot wait to share all the thrilling (and not so thrilling) parts of our lives. Whether it is a sporting event, reading a book or even watching the paint dry, it is all so much better now and I cannot wait to share.

These are my top three blogs to stop by either daily or from time to time. They deserve an award too.

Happy Mama, Ordinary Miracles of Life: It may be corny but the feeling is right back at you. Everyone reading my blog, go there and see what I am talking. You will not be disappointed. (Two-time winner now!)

MisterJensen, I Might Just Be Crazy: The posts are a few times a month but are laugh out loud funny. I have needed to wipe a laughing tear once or twice.

Jen Lancaster, Jennsylvania: Is it wrong to laugh, wish I could have said something so funny and shake my head at the judgment all at the same time? Go get her books

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  1. You my dear are too TOO sweet! I so enjoy reading your blog! And now, I will have to check out misterjensen as I have already checked out Jen. I need more time in the day :) You have a beautiful family! Thanks for sharing them with all of us!


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