Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Decorating by LG

Some strange things have been happening slowly around here. Big Poppy and I have always enjoyed completing home improvement projects. We do know our limits and have engaged the help of professionals from time to time. While the thought of having someone come to our home, get to know us and our lifestyle and completely furnish our home sounds great in theory, I have a difficult time spending that much cash.

I may have mentioned we were bored and I would go so far as saying I was disgruntled with our old artwork (can you call it artwork if it does not cost thousands of dollars?). Enter Little Guy and while it moves slowly, we do have baseball games to play, laps to swim and Jeter's to terrorize, Little Guy is finding his nitch in the decorating world. He sometimes even hangs a sign "Decorating by LG". I sure do hope he gives me a good discount.

The other day Little Guy I were running a few errands. I had the day off and Big Poppy was working which means Little Guy and I could wander a bit instead of going in, getting what we need and getting out. Enter LG. A quick find, a reasonable price and we were on our way.

LG hired a professional hanger, Big Poppy. Within 15 minutes LG has taken this blank wall from this:

 The first seven minutes are spent measuring the wall space to ensure the first part of the artwork (can you call it artwork if it does not cost hundreds of dollars?) was centered.

The next two minutes were spent hanging part two of the artwork (can you call it artwork if it costs less than one hundred dollars?).

The last six minutes were spent making sure the third and final piece was placed in the most eye pleasing position to LG.

Decorating by LG strikes again. He knows us so well. LG does his job very well. He's now telling me to buck up and spend some money on new furniture for this room. Until I'm ready to do this, I'll probably just rearrange the current furniture.

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