Thursday, February 18, 2010

Is This Nesting?

As some of you know, last year Big Poppy and I went on our annual vacation but before we left, the entire house was packed up. Then, while we were gone, magic happened. The popcorn ceiling was replaced with knock-down. It really freshen the look of our home. We needed to repaint the entire house due to the ceiling work. We were just about done with the repainting when Little Guy came into our hearts. (Uncle Park-it was kind enough to paint the last room for us.)

I was not thrilled with our old art on the walls and have not hung anything back up while I looked for new things. Months have passed with the blank walls shouting how inadequate I am when it come to wall hangings. Blank walls telling the world, or at least our guests, we have no pictures forgetting about the room full in one of the spare bedrooms. These blank walls have also been reminding me of my frugal nature - the inability to find wall art at a price I am willing to spend is challenging. It has definately reminding me I like to waste our spare cash on other items.

Until now, I cannot stand the lack of warmth on the walls. The blank walls are telling me I am not a grown-up and that perhaps now is the time to just realize you have expensive tastes (which I have already known but normally try hard not to give into my vice for the finer things of life - darn that German heritage that taught me to save, save and then save some more).

I mean, if you walked into your home every day and saw this:

See how it just stares at you, reminding you its time to make your home a HOME.

You would be going nuts by now too. And so I set out on a task, to cover one of the many blank walls. Nine nails, 15 holes, 6 putting and paint touchups and $35 dollars later, I got this.:

Do any of these look familiar?

I call that a success in my world. Pictures of those I love greet me when I come home every day and I was able to do it for next to nothing. I am patting myself on the back right now. Even as I type, I have a grin on my face.

Little Guy loves looking at the pictures. His favorite is the bottom left picture. Big Poppy's favorite is the one right smack in the middle. And me? I can't choose...maybe the bottom middle or the middle right...then I see others and think, well maybe that one.

Since I was on a roll, I hung a few more things in Little Guy's room. You know, things I have had for months but have been too busy stealing kisses to stop and hang them up.

GrandB and GrandC gave Little Guy this bat.

Back-pack was a gift from an Auntie.

See the bobble heads. Little Guy has had those up for quite a while and giggle at them.

And then it was time to hang the wall quote. The wall quote I just had to have.
This is above Little Guy's crib.

All in all, I am proud of myself. I cannot wait to add some more personal touches to our home.

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  1. IT LOOKS AWESOME! Love love love the picture wall! That pic of the 2 of you on the bottom right gorgeous! Little guy's room is adorable ~ cute bat hanger. And the quote ~ couldn't be more perfect!


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