Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Swim Class, Please.

Little Guy loves the water.

I mean, Little Guy LOVES the water.

Many nights there are tears when it is time to get out of the tub. When he is at the pool (ghetto or real) there is normally a small (or not so small) fit when it is time to go. I have even seen Little Guy climb into our ghetto pool when it is completely empty, laughing at the memories of past pool experiences and smiling at the prospect of future swim opportunities. (Definition of a ghetto pool - above ground pool that is most likely an eye sore and has saggy sides to the pool. This is also known as a white trash pool which may be more fitting description of our pool since I grew up on the farm and there may or may not have been disabeled cars located on the premise.)

Recently the local warm water pool opened up registration for fall swim lessons. Registration began on July 28th. First thing Wednesday morning I completed the on-line registration and promptly received an email...returning families receive first priority, past families are serviced next and then us lowly new families will receive any of the remaining slots.

Now that a whole two weeks have passed, I wonder if it is acceptable to call the swim school and check in on the status of our registration. Luckily Little Guy is too young to grasp the concept he may or may not be in swim class for 14 (or was is 16) weeks on Saturday mornings with Big Poppy and I. I can only imagine the puckered up lips of disappointment if Little Guy is turned away.

Keep your fingers crossed for Saturday morning swimming this fall.

This is not a ghetto pool (aka white trash pool). This is a pool I would love to frequent more will be two years before we return. :(

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  1. I totally understand! Smiley ♥'s to swim! Good luck getting those lessons ~ MG always fills up super fast in the fall and spring, so I totally feel your pain.


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