Monday, August 30, 2010

Watching Him Grow Is Getting Harder

Watching Little Guy grow is getting harder to do. This is mainly do to his speed. The boy does not like walk. He prefers to run.

Big Poppy and I have tried to take his picture with Jeter on the 19th of every month. Sometimes we are a day or two later so hopefully Little Guy hasn't had a growth spurt in those two days.

This month was no different.

Sometimes Little Guy and Jeter can't stop to look at the calendar because they need a little kiss.

Sometimes one needs a quick sniff of the other.

Sometimes one needs to run quick to see what the picture looks like before the picture is taken.

Sometimes we need a little help from Big Poppy to get them both to sit still (or stand) and look at the camera.

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  1. Super Cute ! And what a great idea to take the pics with Jeter!


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