Saturday, August 21, 2010

Repairs and Maintenance

Last month we had some vistors at our house for a couple of weeks. You may have thought our home was odd and did not have a deck. Really, we were in need of some deck repairs and maintenancee (now if only I could expense this on my tax return to reduce my AGI...did I just go geeky accountant on you?). Because of the work involved we were lazy and did not bring up the deck chairs and table until after the work was completed.

Little Guy is a big fan of the work. Much to the dismay of the neighbors, though they are too kind to say anything, the rainbow ghetto pool now sits very nicely on our deck. This means we get to hear from Little Guy more often when he is ready to swim. (Which reminds me. I did make one call last week about swim class. At that time they will still processing past family's. On Wednesday I got the call. Little Guy is in however it is at 8 am on Saturday's. It was our second choice time but he's in!)

At the same time of the deck repairs, we also had them replace our stairs going to the second story. We can now sneak up and down the stairway without anyone hearing us. The squeaks are gone. I knew we would be replacing carpet upon completion however, I did not realize it would take so long to pick out the carpet, get the measures, verify the order, make small changes, etc.

Our stairs have looked like this for about three weeks now.

We FINALLY finalized our order on Wednesday. Now we get to wait another three to four weeks for carpet delivery and install.

Wood attracts dust and Jeter hair. Commercial grade wood that will be covered is slightly sticky.

I should have planned better and picked out carpet while the work was done. When the new carpets are installed in the living room, stairway, pool table room and our bedroom, I will be happy gal. Until then, I'm a gal constantly cleaning the stairs.

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