Thursday, March 4, 2010

I'm beginning to understand

A few months back my favorite aunt (pronounced ant in my world) told me I was going to have trouble as Little Guy got older. After looking at her quizically she further explained, with Little Guy's cute face, adorable smile and awesome personality, when he does get into trouble she thought I would have a tough time with the discipline. Of course I laughed at her and told her if she thought I was that much of a softy she should have a talk with a few of my staff or co-workers.

Well, it might be time to eat my words. On the rare moments Little Guy causes trouble, Big Poppy and I normally stop the behavior AFTER we laugh and find it endearing. During his six month ... oh my - I mean nine month, I'm losing it here ... I made mention of Piss and Vinegar. I rather enjoy seeing what those two characters can come up with, as long as it's safe.

So, I'm beginning to understand why my favorite aunt thinks I'm going to have trouble. She might be right. But really, how can you deny this little one anything?


  1. he is growing up so much can't wait till i can finally see him. i love coming to this web site and checking up on him everyday. u guys are great parents even though ant says u are mean. take care and hope i can see him soon great aunt kay


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